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Gina Gardner-Wood, M.S.W., LSW

Family Therapist • Couples Counselor • Effective Therapist • Life Coach

Hi, I’m Gina.

For over a decade, I’ve been helping people become stronger, more confident, and more connected. I’m passionate about helping you find your voice, break free from the past, and move forward into health and happiness.

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

I have years of experience in helping couples and families find each other’s “noble intentions” and learn how to communicate compassionately. I help couples release resentment and restore trust using a blend of strengths based counseling, and The Gottman Method – one of the most well researched and most effective approaches to couples counseling.

Family Therapy

In addition to my work with couples, I have vast experience in helping families increase positive communication, respect one another, and learn to live happily together. I specialize in Functional Family Therapy, and particularly enjoy helping parents learn how to work as a team, and build a safe, nurturing and supportive home for their children. Whether you’re dealing with tantrums, out-of-control teens, or a blended family situation, I can help you create peace in your home.

Effective Individual Therapy & Life Coaching

As much as I love working with couples, I have a passion for helping individuals heal from hard experiences, and grow strong enough to move confidently into a new future of their own design. My approach as a therapist is comforting, supportive, and focused on building up your strengths.

If you are struggling in the aftermath of a painful life experience, I can help restore your inner peace. Among other things, I am a trained provider of EMDR which is one of the most well researched and most effective ways to help people recover from emotional trauma. I also use cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness training, and a teach a variety of skills that will help you get a handle on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

I offer compassionate support and guidance to people suffering from grief. If you are coping with the loss of a loved one, or a broken relationship, I’m here to help you recover. When your strength is restored and the time is right for you to turn your growth into positive action, I’ll be right by your side as you rebuild, and create a positive new chapter.

Above all else, I always tailor my approach to fit what you are needing from me. If you need a compassionate ear and a “soft place to fall,” that’s what I’ll be. If you need a wise guide to lead the way to healing and happiness, I’ll help design our plan. And if you are ready to make specific changes and looking for accountability and strategy, I’ll be a strong supporter of your quest for positive change.

About Me

In addition to my education, training, and work experience as a therapist, I am informed by my life experience. I am a married mom of two. I also have past experience as a legal and family advocate, a team leader, and a trainer. I bring the fullness of my life experience to my work with you.

I am a Licensed Social Worker in Colorado, and obtained both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Metro State University in Denver, Colorado.

I’m available to meet with you at our Broomfield Colorado office location.

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Growing Self Counseling & Coaching