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John Thornburg, M.A., LPCC

Thoughtful, Kind, Career Coaching and Therapy

Welcome to my page and thank you for considering me! My name is John and I am a Career Coach, Life Coach, and Therapist. I have been told that I have a calm, non-judgmental, and affirming approach to counseling and coaching that makes it easy to open up and talk honestly. In the safe environment of our relationship, you can gain self-awareness, work through inner obstacles, and grow.

You and your story matter to me. No matter what your personal or professional goals for our work together, I will work with you to get clarity about what you want for yourself, overcome the challenges you face, and make decisions you can be excited about.

Thoughtful Career Coaching

Although I can be of assistance to you around a multitude of personal issues, I specialize in career coaching and helping you get clarity and direction… as well as landing your ideal job!

Need to know how to write an excellent resume? Cover letter? Want to shine in an upcoming interview? Do you feel lost or burned out in your current role?

I can be of service to you at any point in your journey: whether you are trying to land your first job, want to embark on a purposeful retirement, seek to relieve feelings of stuckness and stagnation, or if you’re just looking for a change.

I am thoughtful and curious in session, I often ask questions, elicit stories, and invoke feelings. Together we will develop clarity about how you generate meaning and purpose in your life, name and articulate your assets and strengths, find relief for stress and burnout, and challenge toxic thoughts and narratives that hold you back.

Authoring Your Own Story

I believe that we are all culturally-anchored meaning-makers whose life project is the ongoing construction of the self from stories, experiences, and relationships. One of my strengths as a counselor and coach is the ability to help you discover your meaning, your purpose, and your path forward.

Understanding where you’ve been can help you get clear about who you are and where you want to go next. By developing confidence,,clarity and self-awareness, you can take control of your life and create the outcomes you desire instead of feeling like a passive observer.

Whether we work together in career coaching, life coaching or counseling, I can help you create a new story for yourself and your life. A story in which you find success (as YOU define it), a sense of higher meaning and purpose, authentic happiness, and life satisfaction.

My hope is that, over the course of our work together, you feel like hero of your own life story: Confident, competent, compassionate and connected.

Healthy Personal & Professional Relationships

I believe that understanding yourself and the way you show up in relationships is important to your success both personally and professionally. A concept central to my practice is relationships: as human beings we are wired to connect. In isolation we wither. Sociocultural forces can create patterns of chronic disconnection that prevent us from leading meaningful lives.

Healthy relationships give our lives purpose. We all need comrades and confidants to witness our journey and to celebrate our more fully realized selves. My goal is to be one of the people on your team; a supportive, non-judgmental and emotionally safe person who believes in you, and who is completely devoted to your growth and wellbeing.

Together, we can work towards helping you achieve your goals for yourself. Whether your goals include having closer relationships, working through unfinished business from the past, learning how to communicate more effectively, feeling happier and more confident, or creating direction and clarity for your life… I’m here for you.

About Me

I received my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Multicultural Track) from CU Denver. My career so far has consisted of eight years of experience working in behavioral health in multiple milieus as well as experience working with students and alumni as a career counselor intern in higher education. I am passionate about career development, mental health, and social justice.

Outside of counseling and coaching, my main passions include literature and the outdoors. If my nose isn’t in a book it will be out hiking, running, climbing, or camping. I enjoy reading nonfiction and contemporary fiction but my favorite writers include Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Haruki Murakami, Isabel Allende, Karen Russell, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Jorge Luis Borges.

I’m available to meet with you at our Fort Collins office location, our Broomfield office location, and by online video.


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