Libby F.


Cultivating Healing and Connections For Couples & Individuals

Libby is a collaborative couples and individuals therapist who offers a safe, supported, and empowered space to work through distress and create stronger connections and relationships. 

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My name is Libby and I am a marriage and couples therapist as well as an individual therapist. It is my strong belief that human beings deserve and desire to be deeply connected, known, and loved, both by themselves and by others. Based on this belief, I am passionate about working with relationships of all kinds and helping you to find comfort, fulfillment, and happiness. 

As a therapist, my approach is collaborative, curious, warm, and welcoming. If we work together, my first priority will be to create an environment where you feel safe, supported, and comfortable being your authentic self. To me, the therapeutic relationship is the foundation for successful work and I strive to bring myself to each and every client session. I understand that in order to “lean in” to vulnerability and make progress, you must feel it is safe to share thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment or ill will. I make it a point of my work to withhold judgment and hold space for those who may need time to access vulnerable emotions.

Previous clients of mine have shared that they felt my kindness, humor, and warmth early on in our work together, which eased the process of creating emotional safety and building rapport. As a collaborative therapist, it is my aim to use my perspective in a way that deepens your understanding of your own thoughts, emotions, and interactions. 

Past clients have also shared that they felt I was genuine, compassionate, and empathetic, which removed any sense of coldness and consistently reminded them that I am simply another human being helping them along in their journey. It may be helpful to think about me as a relationship choreographer, working to help your emotional movements flex and flow in a way that is soothing, sustainable, and realistic. I do not shy away from moments of conflict or darker emotions, but rather lean into them to create opportunities for softening, understanding, and change. 

Below is more about me and how my work can be beneficial to you.

Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy, and Individual Therapy in North Carolina

I am currently available to provide online therapy and counseling services to any resident of North Carolina. I work remotely, which provides increased access to clients who may not live close by!

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy in North Carolina

I have worked with couples experiencing struggles with communication, financial concerns, substance abuse, school-related stress, parenting stress, moving homes, adjustment to marriage, and career transitions. I am passionate about helping couples that feel disconnected, dismissed, and distressed to reconnect with one another, work to heal emotional wounds, and find more fulfillment in their relationships. 

My view is that all communication has purpose, even if that communication is currently happening in the form of arguments! My job is to help you understand the meanings and emotions underneath interactions with your partner so that you can approach one another from a place of empathy and love. It is also my passion to help you to connect more deeply with your own fears, emotions, and goals for your partnership and life. Relationships are inherently personal and unique, so I welcome those who fall anywhere on the spectrum of conflict, interaction, and communication. Regardless of where you are now, there is understanding and perspective to be gained and progress to be made. It is my hope that I am able to bring hope, warmth, and growth to your relationship by creating a safe and accepting environment. 

I work primarily from the evidence-based theoretical framework of Emotionally Focused Therapy to create healing, corrective interactions that build safe, secure relationship bonds. I believe that all relationships can move and grow and that emotions are a compass that can motivate and direct us. I strive to “lead from behind,” gently encouraging my clients toward growth and serving as a figure of stability that you can depend on as you navigate choppy waters in your relationship and move towards a place of secure attachment. 

Individual Therapy in North Carolina

In addition to my work with couples, I love to work with individuals! In the past I have worked with individual clients experiencing anxiety, relationship distress, family stress, financial pressure, depression, self-harm, school-related stress, and major life transitions. Every person deserves to feel deeply known and loved, and it is my hope that through our work together you feel safe, supported and empowered to work through distress and create stronger connections and relationships. 

When working with individuals, I tend to utilize attachment-based and emotionally focused therapy to help empower you toward a place of self-confidence where you can create strong connections and heal from emotional wounds. I believe that opportunities for growth, progress, and happiness can be accessed by examining the many systems that play a role in the life of just one person: school, work, family, friends, etcetera. It is also vital to consider your history and experiences and I will work with you to develop coping skills and strategies based on all of these pieces. 

As a collaborative therapist, I value your insight and input and want to work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your interests, concerns, and goals. This experience is about you, I am simply here to offer guidance and support throughout your journey.

Overall, I believe that there are opportunities for positive change, growth, and happiness regardless of what is bringing you to therapy. Distress in our relationships with ourselves, our loved ones, or our communities is draining and I know that the process of finding a therapist can seem daunting and discouraging. I would be honored to work with you and to be a part of your journey towards healing, hope, and happiness. 

A Little About Me

I received a B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from East Carolina University. My clinical experiences include work with relationship conflict, parenting, communication, financial struggles, self-harm, weight-related and nutrition concerns, and major life transitions as well as grief, trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. 

I spent just under two years working as a crisis counselor for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which has given me unique training and perspective on issues including suicidal ideation, personality disorders, emotional distress, domestic violence, sexual assault, struggles with gender identity and sexuality, and distress related to COVID-19. I believe that these experiences are priceless in my work as a therapist and have strengthened my skills as a clinician. 

I have been blessed to work with a diverse range of clients, but am constantly looking to expand my knowledge, examine my own privilege, consider identity and intersectionality, and operate from a place of cultural humility. Social justice is a passion of mine and I strive to use my personal and professional life to create positive change and dismantle oppressive systems. It is of utmost importance to me that my clients feel valid, safe, and accepted, which is part of the reason that I take a non-pathologizing stance. 

I currently live in Greenville, NC, but plan to relocate to Charlotte, NC in the near future! I live with (and adore) three very large dogs, but I love cats as well. I enjoy cooking, listening to music, exercising, and spending time with loved ones. My friends and family mean the world to me and I am happiest when I am surrounded by my people. 

If you live in North Carolina, I am available to meet with you through online video! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions and it would be my honor to meet with you should you choose to schedule a free consultation.

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