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Natalie Gail Sanchez, M.A., LPC, GCDF

Results-Oriented Life and Career Coaching

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CAREER COACHING, LIFE GOAL ATTAINMENT, & EFFECTIVE THERAPY | Genuinely caring, insightful, and funny – these are words to describe Natalie. A licensed professional counselor and certified career coach, Natalie has over 20 years of experience and has supported thousands of people from all walks of life on their quest for personal growth, professional development, and positive change.

Her transformational work has been noticed: Natalie has been voted annually as Best of the City Top Five awardee by Albuquerque the Magazine since 2017; and, voted as a Reader’s Choice Top Three awardee by the Albuquerque Journal annually since 2018.

An author under the pen name Natalie Gail, her first book, FearFlip, has garnered steady recognition as being a helpful, evidence-based way of turning self-limiting anxiety into excitement, enthusiasm, and motivation for change.

Natalie can serve you in a variety of ways: As a life coach, career coach, emotional intelligence coach, leadership coach, or as a therapist.

Career Coaching

Whether you’re seeking clarity and confidence around your career or you desire to grow as a professional within your chosen field, Natalie can support you.

In addition to decades of career coaching experience, Natalie is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) — the first and most prestigious credential in the professional career counseling field. Though a training program approved by the Center for Credentialing in Education (CCE), the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee, which required hours of coursework, specialized training in career assessment, and many supervised career counseling hours, she achieved this credential. 

Natalie is an expert in over 15 career technologies, labor market trends, resume writing, networking and interviewing, among other things.

In order to help you get insight into your strengths and abilities, she may utilize numerous formal and informal career and aptitude assessments including personality tests, the Self-Directed Search (Holland), work values exploration, the Strong Interest Inventory, and more.

Most importantly, Natalie knows what questions to ask to help YOU uncover your strengths, your growth opportunities, and your most cherished goals.

Then, she can help you attain them.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Natalie is an emotional intelligence coach. If you are seeking to develop your leadership abilities, become more effective, and advance professionally, she can help. She is educated in the Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence frameworks (Emotions Matter/RULER/Mood Meter) and can help you gain the emotional self-awareness, regulation skills, and social influence that is so critical to your success.

Organizational Coaching

Natalie’s philanthropic, public, and private industry experience makes her something of an “organizational concierge.”

She brings expertise in: foundation (grant-making, scholarship program); non-profit (leadership, grants management, program development, evaluation); and small business entrepreneurship. Her past foundation and non-profit clients have realized such benefits as enhanced multi-faceted fundraising portfolios; new multi-year public-private partnerships; winning federal/private grants; diversified mission-related income streams; data collection systems; and programs strengthened by evaluation and data collection.

Many small businesses find she’s especially helpful with co-developing low-cost location enhancements to drive branding aligned results.

Life Coaching

If you’re seeking positive change in other parts of your life aside from your professional success, Natalie can help.

Her work with individuals on a path of growth is so effective because she has a diverse wealth of experience beyond career coaching. A results-focused life coach and therapist, she collaborates with you to help you appreciate yourself on a deeper level, in order to support your focused growth.

She often says she’s a student of her clients — and she learns quickly. Working with her, she will support you to identify your strengths, unearth hidden obstacles, learn about yourself and grow as a person, refine your vision for your life, and remain enthusiastically focused as you work toward your goals.

Natalie is a pro at providing customized support to get unstuck, to feel good about yourself and your life, and to convert your anxieties into positive momentum. Natalie strives to ensure you feel safe, seen, heard, and encouraged. She supports you to retain your personal autonomy, receive the level of challenge and support that feels right to you, and ensures that your unique gifts and your successes are celebrated.

Individual Therapy

While Natalie’s specialties include life and career coaching, she is also an experienced licensed therapist (Colorado and New Mexico). 

As a therapist, Natalie can help you shift out of anxiety and depression and into strength and contentment. As well, she can utilize many tools and strategies to help understand and alleviate ADHD symptoms and alexithymia. She is able to move seamlessly through evidence-based approaches and techniques including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). 

Natalie developed an evidence-based symptom-reduction approach (FearFlip™) which employs a Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral (CBT/DBT) blend to help clients reduce and alleviate anxiety, phobias, and fears, and their often resulting depression. She has studied numerous cultural and spiritual traditions and is known for her ability to honor her client’s spiritual beliefs and cultural identities. Natalie was also a student of the Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence.

Natalie is available to meet with you through online video.



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