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Nicholas Manning, MBA

Find Purpose, Create Momentum, Achieve Success

Leadership Coaching | Career Coaching | Professional Development Coaching

I’m Nicholas Manning, MBA, an Executive, Leadership & Career Coach. I have provided career exploration and career development coaching to professionals for over 10 years.  I am also a certified life and career coach with professional experience as well as education in organizational psychology, leadership strategies, emotional intelligence coaching and career development. 

My academic and professional experience has provided me with a strong understanding of how operational effectiveness intersects with organizational psychology and individual psychology, and I bring all of those perspectives to the table in my work with you.

My mission at Growing Self is to:

  • Support professionals in identifying and developing their ideal career
  • Assist leaders and business owners in developing their leadership and management skills
  • Help people develop their emotional intelligence and communication skills, particularly when it comes to their professional relationships
  • Teach skills and strategies that lead to higher levels of personal productivity, organizational ability, stress tolerance, and career advancement
  • Coaching ambitious people so that they can achieve at the highest level of their potential in the workplace — and in life

If we work together, my role will be to help you clarify your goals and objectives, and then help you design the path forward to achieving them. On the way, my hope is that you’ll experience personal growth and new self-awareness that will allow you to create meaningful positive change that lasts long after our work has ended.

Career Exploration and Career Development Coaching

Are you stuck in a job that you don’t like, but feel paralyzed to change? I know that it can be scary to make a big change with your career, especially when your current livelihood — and your future options — depending on your decisions. 

As a career coach, many of my clients express a feeling of uneasiness and at times, a loss at where to begin. Each client wants to create a positive change in their life but is unsure how to start or what steps to take. 

My role is to start guiding them through a process that creates clarity about who they are, what they want, and then how to create it.

We address questions like:

“How did I get in this particular position?”

“Where do I go from here?”

“What is most important to me?”

“What kind of career would help me feel valued, find success, and experience a sense of was doing what I was meant to do?”

“How can I manage the feelings associated with such uncertainty?”

I often start my career coaching process through a combination of structured interviews and assessments to help my clients get clarity about their values, personality, and aptitudes. Then we can identify the industries and professional communities that will be the best fit. All the while we’re breaking big goals down into attainable steps that move you forward. 

Along the way, we talk about how to handle the emotional aspects of a career such as stress and anxiety in the workplace, professional relationships, and realistic expectations. Most importantly, my goal is to help you feel clear and confident as you chart a course towards your ideal career. The cherry on top is attaining the position you most desire. 

Leadership Coaching

Many people find themselves advancing into leadership roles based on how well they in their previous position, their understanding of the organizational goals, or even their technical skills. They’re often expected to know how to motivate people and teams, create and maintain momentum, and manage a variety of interpersonal challenges — without any specific training or mentorship.

We are rarely taught to lead but are expected to do so based on our title. Is this the case for you, too? If so, you might be feeling overwhelmed or at a loss for how to resolve some of the challenges you’re facing as a leader.

I can help you learn how to lead. I utilize several techniques designed to help my clients identify an individualized leadership style and approach they feel confident in.

Once we understand how we want to lead, we then unpack what those behaviors look like. How do others see you? How do you want to be viewed? How do you gain buy-in? How do we impact performance? All of these questions may be expected in your role, but you may not know how to answer them. Together we work through ways to help you confidently navigate the process of becoming a more effective and dynamic leader.

Professional Development Coaching

Professional development is a powerful processes we can use to propel our career forward. However, the process can be difficult even when we are aware of the skills that need to be improved for us to be successful in our careers. 

If we work together in career development coaching, our first step will likely be to discuss where you are now and explore your current set of skills through dialogue, individual interviewing and assessments. Through that information gathering and assessment process, we will identify specific areas of improvement and set measurable objectives for your professional growth.

Then, week by week, through tailored assignments and activities, you’ll move towards attaining your professional goals. 

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Navigating today’s professional landscape takes a great deal of emotional investment in our clients, employees, teammates, and ourselves. Becoming emotionally intelligent is not something we are born with, but something that we improve with intention and through focused efforts. 

If you are experiencing friction in your professional (or personal) relationships, are having repeated setbacks in your career (that seem not connected to job performance), or are not currently commanding the type of influence and motivation you’d like to instill as a leader, emotional intelligence skills may be worth exploring.

Together we work to increase your capacity to discern what you have control over and what you do not. We’ll explore things like:

  • Developing emotional awareness of yourself and others
  • Learning how to regulate your emotions, especially in stressful situations
  • Learning how to tailor your communication strategies to be most effective
  • How to use “soft skills” to foster positive professional relationships that lead to job satisfaction, and increased productivity
  • Identifying your areas of influence
  • Understanding how your outlook impacts your experience
  • Changing your mental model to develop positive new patterns.

Professional Communication Coaching

In addition to emotional intelligence coaching, I also specialize in career advancement and social success through communication. 

What does that mean? I help clients feel more confident in social or professional situations. That confidence helps improves your ability to connect with others and build impactful personal and professional relationships. 

With improved confidence, we can become more noticed in the workplace by dealing with decision-makers more effectively. Improved internal or external networking skills help keep you relevant and ready when the opportunity for career mobility arises. 

Though this type of professionally-focused personal growth work, my clients experience great strides in self-awareness, motivation, professional and leadership skills, productivity, time management, self-care and goal achievement.

Who I Work With

My coaching clients include individuals who are just starting their professional careers to business owners, to executives in multi-million dollar companies. If you’re seeking to make positive changes in yourself, and in the world, through your work, I can help you achieve it. Regardless of your  starting point, I’m here to support you through each step of your professional journey. I, personally, am very passionate about the work I do, and I cannot wait to help you find purpose, create momentum and achieve success.

About Me

Personally, I am a married working professional with 4 children who enjoy sports and almost everything that is “Colorado”. I balance quite of bit in my free time as you can imagine and would not have it any other way.

Academically, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Psychology. From there I completed my Master’s of Business Administration from Ashford University. Lastly, I am in the process of completing my Doctorate of Business Administration at Northcentral University. I feel fortunate that my academic experience and lined up in a way that I was provided a wonderful blend to more effectively understand how to impact the performance of others.

 I look forward to utilizing my unique blend of professional experience, education, and life experiences to help you bring out the best in you, and help you achieve your professional goals.


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