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Talk to a Coach • Make a Plan • Move Forward

We’re Here For You, At Your Convenience.

Not everyone needs or wants ongoing counseling or coaching. Sometimes, all you need is a single, solution-focused coaching session to get clarity and direction, and start moving forward again.

That’s why we offer one-time “Solution Sessions” in addition to our other counseling and coaching services.

Whenever you want, you can talk to our on-call coach about anything you like: Your career, your life, your relationships, or your dillemmas. You’ll leave your session with a fresh perspective, actionable answers, and a written plan of action.

Solution Sessions: They’re immediate. They’re affordable. They’re convenient. They’re helpful. They’re exactly what you want, when you want it.


When You’re Ready to Talk, We’re Here.

What To Expect in Your Solution Session


Our experts are all professional therapists and life coaches with a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Psychology, and years of experience in compassionately supporting people through difficult things. They are kind, patient, non-judgmental, and will help you feel heard, respected and understood.


When you’re dealing with something hard, it can feel overwhelming. You may have many thoughts and feelings swirling around inside of you. Our experts can help you cut through the confusion, shift into productive, helpful ways of thinking about your situation, and get clarity about what to do.


When life throws you a curve-ball, and you don’t know what to do, it can feel paralyzing. But our experts know how to help you reconnect with your strength, wisdom, confidence, hope, and resources. We’ll help you identify your options, and brainstorm with you to find new solutions to old problems.


We understand that talking is helpful, but also know that only positive action will change your life. During your Solution Session, your expert will be helping you find actionable answers. They’ll write everything down for you, and send you your written action plan to follow after your session is over.

We’re Here For You

Meet a Few of Our Expert Coaches

Seth Bender, M.A., LMFT-C

Seth is a friendly therapist, life coach, and couples counselor who loves helping people improve their relationships and create meaningful lives full of health and happiness.

Teresa Thomas, M.A.

Teresa’s warm, non-judgmental, supportive presence makes even the most overwhelming situations feel more manageable. Her fresh perspective can help you find new solutions and move forward fearlessly.

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Teena Evert, M.A., LAC, LMFT

Teena is a dynamic coach with over a decade of experience in helping people repair relationships, overcome obstacles, design the life they want, and live with clarity and intention.
Jordan Blackwood

Jordan Blackwood

Client Services Manager

Questions? Call Anytime.

If you have more questions about Solution Sessions at Growing Self, would like to get matched with an expert, or would like to speak to someone now, get in touch.

Call or email to connect with our caring client services team. We answer 24/7.

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