Tacy LeBaron, M.S., MFT-C

Specializing In: Healthy Communication, Strong Connections, Growth & Healing



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Hello!  My name is Tacy and I truly look forward to being a part of your journey to an improved life. 

I’ve been told by past clients that I help them feel comfortable and that I’m easy to open up to about life’s challenges. I provide a safe space to talk, and develop the self-awareness and new insight that is so fundamental to growth. 

I can help you reach a greater sense of fulfillment, health, and peace in all aspects of life both as an individual and in your closest relationships.  I provide individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy and counseling, relationship coaching, as well as life coaching to help you reach your goals for yourself, and for your relationships. 

My Approach to Personal Growth

I truly believe that compassion and greater understanding of ourselves, our environments, and our relationships can lead to a place of greater contentment, happiness, and fulfillment. I’d like to help you create all of those things through our work together. 

Whether serving you as a couples counselor, relationship coach,  individual therapist, family therapist or life coach, I take the quality of your relationships and connections into consideration. To help you achieve your goals I may use an attachment-based approach such as emotionally-focused therapy, or I might assist you through cognitive behavioral therapy or a strategic solution-focused approach. 

Research shows that a big portion of success in counseling and coaching is your feeling good about the progress and path you are taking.We will work together to design a journey that we both feel works best for you. 

Couples Counseling & Relationship Coaching

Sometimes couples wait years before feeling ready to receive counseling help for their relationship, and enter marriage counseling on the brink of divorce. More proactive couples feel they are in a good place overall and simply want to reboot their emotional connection with each other and ensure their relationship is as good as it can be. 

Whatever your circumstances, couples therapy can help. Even for two highly functioning, loving adults it can be hard to figure out how to have the most satisfying emotional connection and intimacy. Difficulties with your deepest relationship can bleed into dissatisfaction and stress in your work and day-to-day activities. I will work to help you find deeper meaning and connection as we all work together. 

If you are experiencing any of the following, couples counseling can help you. 

  • A desire for preventative couples counseling
  • Communication problems
  • Frequent arguing
  • Lack of connection to your partner; the flame is dying.
  • Difficulty discussing finances
  • Lack of fulfilling sexual or emotional intimacy
  • Healing from a trust betrayal
  • Emotional affairs, sexual affairs, online affairs

The following list are some of the skills my clients have improved on after counseling sessions 

  • Talking about unmet emotional and sexual intimacy needs and how to improve them! 
  • Feeling better able to truly understand each other
  • Learn new skills and tools for communication
  • Empathizing with each other’s needs and pains
  • Establish better communication in a way that is LASTING

My Approach To Couples Therapy and Relationship Coaching

Communication problems, anyone? Communication issues are the most common issue that couples present with, so during sessions with couples I want to provide a new environment for you to both better understand common pitfalls of communication for couples and why you seem to misunderstand each other. 

Once everyone is feeling valued and understood by themselves and their partner, I will help you  work towards being vulnerable and calm enough to express deeper needs that may not be currently met in your relationship.  Through our work in couples therapy or relationship coaching, you will create an environment in which it is easier to be compassionate and understanding rather than defensive and self-protective. The end goal of this process is to have a deeper connection with your partner that can last, whether that means greater understanding, more emotional connection, better communication skills, or ability to have more meaningful intimacy. 

My job in this process is to be a facilitator of new interactions and communication patterns so that you can truly FEEL connection. I specialize in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) founded by Dr. Sue Johnson which is shown to be one of the most effective therapy models for couples! I will help you meet basic needs in yourself and your partner as you grow together in this process. I promise to be a caring therapist. I will facilitate new, positive interactions with you and your partner’s thoughts, feelings and behavior where before you had negative interactions. And though I specialize in this model, I am excited and committed to tailor couples therapy for you and your partner in other models that may work better for you as well, including solution focused relationship coaching, skills training and more.

Family Therapy and Parent Coaching

I have experience helping families with a variety of issues. Those include parent-child relationship problems, cultural differences, foster-adoption transitions, religious difference conflicts, mixed-orientation family conflict and more. I love working with families because I believe that family relationships are central to so much of how we see ourselves and navigate our personal lives. Happiness at home can lead to so much happiness in work and life outside of the home, and likewise, difficulties at home can lead to habits of difficulty and negativity outside of the home. 

You can experience many improvements with family therapy: 

  • Empower everyone in your family with a voice
  • Understanding the needs and feelings of individual family members in a safe and calm space
  • Meet the needs of each other in more positive and fulfilling ways
  • Raise the level of your interactions so that peace is more, and conflict is less
  • Achieve a sense of greater peace in your family
  • Learn tools to continue to have positive interactions with your family
  • Achieve a sense of greater peace in each family member’s individual life. 


As a family therapist, I meet with clients personally or together at a level that makes sure everyone feels seen and understood by each other. Once understanding is achieved, I work to help family members feel loved and supported in ways that are meaningful. When family members are able to be vulnerable with each while also supporting each other, they can develop new ways of interacting that sustain this level of trust and positive interaction. These sessions will help your family move forward, enabled to overcome future conflicts and avoid hurt and shame within the family. 

Individual Therapy and Life Coaching 

I enjoy working with clients individually, and I feel that we can make meaningful progress towards your life goals! I have a results-oriented approach to therapy and life coaching. What will our work involve? Whether online or in-person, I want you to feel that we are creating goals that you are excited about, that you feel you are making progress on those goals, and that you feel that I care to help you feel comfortable, seen and understood. I will always work hard to do that, while also challenging you to grow. 

I have two years of coaching training and experience, plus a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. I am trained in solution-focused and motivational interviewing techniques as well as evidence-based coaching and counseling strategies.

Here are some of the things I can help you with: 

  • Navigating life’s transitions such as a breakup, a death, a move, a divorce, difficult decisions, and more 
  • Creating NEW & MEANINGFUL connections to yourself and others 
  • Achieving success in goal achievement; making it a habit instead of a one-time victory!
  • Better utilization of your own strengths and abilities
  • Overcoming common obstacles
  • Building confidence
  • Mindfulness and skills training to decrease stress and feel happier
  • Feeling more empowered and in control of your life

In addition to coaching, I am also trained as a mental health therapist and I am able to provide psychotherapy in the state of Colorado. Specifically, if I am serving you as a therapist I can help you with things like:

  • Feelings of anxiety or fear that are interfering with your daily life
  • Feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness because of 
    • Relationships in the past or present
    • Experiences in the past or present
  • Lack of motivation despite your best intentions
  • Feelings of grief that you feel unable to overcome

It can be really scary to be vulnerable enough to make life changes OR work through past, stressful life experiences. It can also be really empowering. I promise to help you have the space and pace to do it in a way that is best for you. 

About Me

I studied neuroscience at Brigham Young University and I got my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from East Carolina University. 

During my time at ECU I got to work with diverse clients–people who were homeless, people in the military, people who feel different than their families, people who have distressing relationships, people who identify as minorities and experience oppression, people who struggle with their weight and their feelings of worth, people who are grieving, people who are students, people who are lonely, people who are sad;These amazing and diverse experiences have taught me that people are more similar than different. Most people just need a space to truly understand their own worth, and the tools and connections to help them live their most fulfilling lives with that worth. As a therapist I’ve helped people speak openly about their deepest pains, sorrows, confusions, hurts, and joys. The space that therapy provides for people to do that is sacred, and I am honored to be a part of it. 

As for me, I am married to my sweet husband who is my biggest support. I have a love for culture and archeology and am grateful for experiences where I lived in Jerusalem, Singapore, and Malaysia. My hometown is Utah, but I have most recently lived in North Carolina, Florida, and now, Colorado. I’m hoping to get back into rock-climbing and hiking during my time here!  My husband and I most enjoy trying our hand at cooking international cuisines, playing tennis, and spending time with family. Most recently, I am supporting him in starting a craft-chocolate side-business together so there’s a lot of chocolate and spices in my kitchen. (makes for a good treat for guests!) 

I am happy to meet with you.  Feel free to schedule your free consultation with me to start your process. I’m available at our Denver Tech Center location, our Denver (Cherry Creek) location, and by online video.

Tacy LeBaron, M.S., MFTC



  • Denver Tech Center
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Online Video
  • 844.331.1993

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