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What to Do When Your Partner Has a Problem.

What to Do When Your Partner Has a Problem.

Does Your Partner Have a Problem?

It is agonizing to be in a relationship with someone you love very much, but who has a serious — and untreated — problem. If your partner is struggling with something like depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, pornography addiction, ADHD or PTSD it can wreak absolute havoc in your relationship, not to mention make you (both) miserable. If the problem has been going on for a long time, it may even make you question whether you should continue to support and help your partner… or whether it’s time to cut your losses and end the relationship.

This topic has been on my mind lately, as I’ve recently had a number of listeners of my Love, Happiness and Success Podcast ask me these questions:

  • How do I help my partner who is depressed (or anxious / ADHD / addicted to something) and refuses to get help?
  • What are signs your partner will get their act together, and what are signs you should break up?
  • How do I help my husband who is suffering from PTSD, and won’t talk to anyone?
  • How many chances should I give my alcoholic / addicted partner?
  • I promised, “For better or for worse,” but it wrong of me to bail on this marriage if my spouse is not holding up their end of the bargain?
  • Is my boyfriend ever going to be cured of his pornography addiction?
  • Should I feel guilty for ending this relationship, even if I feel like I need to save myself?

These are big, serious questions. But you, my dear listener, told me this is what is important to you… and I’m listening to you. We’re going there on this episode of the Love, Happiness & Success Podcast. I hope that this discussion helps you find your way through this dark time, and back into clarity and inner peace.

All the best to you,

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

P.S. Would YOU like to ask me a question? I always respond to comments. Or you can also record a voicemail for me (via the button on this page) and I may answer your question on the next podcast!!



What to Do When Your Partner Has a Problem

by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby | Love, Happiness & Success

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Is it Depression?

Is it Depression?

Just because you don’t feel good doesn’t mean you are depressed.

“Dark emotions” are not just normal and healthy parts of life, they are also essential to personal growth. Feeling unhappy is often the catalyst for making positive changes in your life. There is light and dark in all things. Experiencing grief, sadness, disappointment, hurt, and regret – unpleasant though they may be – are part of being a whole person.

Furthermore, listening to those hard feelings and taking guidance from them can help you understand yourself, your core needs, and your values more clearly. Even though they don’t feel good in the moment, dark emotions are not just healthy… they are valuable. When you listen to those feelings instead of dismissing them as “bad,” you have the chance to heal and grow.

What is Depression?

Depression is different from the pain of a “growth moment.” Depression is not motivating, instructive or valuable. It’s an illness.

Depression is a mood state that impacts the way you think, feel, and behave. Unlike the dark emotions that are connected to growth opportunities, depression is not productive or constructive. In fact, depression can be a serious illness that needs to be treated and relieved before meaningful personal growth is possible.

On today’s episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast I’m taking you inside depression, so you can understand what it is — and what it is not. I’ll help you identify the symptoms of depression in yourself or your loved one.

Depression Management Strategies

We’ll also talk about what to do if you think you have depression so that you can create a practical strategy for conquering it. We’ll talk about natural remedies for depression, cognitive behavioral therapy, and when medication for depression is the best idea. I’ll also discuss what to do if you suspect that your partner or loved one is depressed, and how you can help them recover.

Depression exists on a spectrum from mild too serious. One thing I discuss on the podcast is that when depression becomes very serious, it can become life threatening. Here are links to get emergency help if you or your loved one are in real trouble and need help immediately:

Colorado Crisis Hotline: 1-844-493-8255

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

I hope this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast helps you identify what’s going on in your life, and whether you’re dealing with depression or a “growth opportunity.” If you do believe that depression is gaining power in your life, I hope this discussion provides you with both hope (as depression is very treatable) as well as actionable steps you can start taking today.

Lisa Marie Bobby

Is it Depression?

by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby | Love, Happiness & Success

Subscribe to the Love, Happiness & Success Podcast on iTunes & Stitcher. Please rate and review if you enjoy the podcast!

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The Love, Happiness & Success Podcast is Now on Stitcher!

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