Keepin’ it Real in Denver

Keepin’ it Real in Denver

Life, Love, and Comedy, With Denver’s Empty Girlfriend

On the latest episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast I had the most delightful time talking with Denver comedians Hayley Driscoll and Christie Bucle about their take on life, love, and how they keep things real with their podcast Empty Girlfriend.

Listen now and get fresh insights on how to use humor to take your power back in challenging situations, how to use your voice to shine a light on subjects that might otherwise stay hidden in darkness, and how to use transparency and authenticity to create connection with others.

If you’re in Denver on February 15th, be sure to come to their live event featuring music, comedy, and some relationship advice from Growing Self’s resident relationship expert Meagan Terry, M.A.

The live show is at the Savoy at Curtis Park. Doors open at 7pm. More info:

Music Credits: Soko – “I’ll Kill Her”