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Brenda Fahn denver marriage counselor therapist coach
Brenda Fahn

Designing Your Life

LocationBroomfield, CO • Online Video

Brenda helps people strengthen their marriages, their families, and themselves. She can help you enjoy your relationships with your partner and children, and cultivate meaning, joy, and love in your life.

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denver life coach therapist
Kathleen Stutts

Kind, Compassionate and Effective

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek • DTC • Online Video

Kathleen helps you build your self-esteem and create strong, meaningful relationships in a non-judgmental, productive space where you will feel safe, comfortable and understood.

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Denver Marriage Counselor - Online Marriage Counseling - Denver Couples Therapy - Breakup Recovery Expert - Online Life Coach - Dating Coach
Anastacia Sams

Heartfelt, Gentle & Healing

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek • DTC • Online Video

Ana helps you create your very best life. She specializes in helping couples create healthy, happy partnerships, and assisting individuals to heal from past hurts and create fulfillment and joy.

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Denver Marriage Counselor - Online Marriage Counseling - Denver Couples Therapy - Breakup Recovery Expert - Online Life Coach - Dating Coach
Meagan Terry

The Relationship Specialist

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek - Online

Meagan specializes in helping her clients create happy, healthy, joyful relationships. She's an expert marriage counselor, emotional intelligence coach, premarital counselor and dating coach.

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Ft Collins Colorado Career Coach Leadership Coach ADHD Coach Weight Loss Coach Online career coach
Maggie Graham

Kind, Thoughtful, Life & Career Coach

LocationFort Collins, CO • Online Video

Maggie is a therapist and certified coach with a degree in Career Development. She specializes in helping people get clarity about their life's purpose, plus the skills and strategies to overcome obstacles and create a life they love.

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Teresa Thomas, M.A., AP
M.A., AP

Smart, Positive & Solution-Focused

LocationCharlotte, NC • Online Video

Teresa is a positive, strengths-based therapist, marriage counselor, and life coach with a knack for helping people get to the root of their issues so that they can establish strong foundations for long-term change. She helps couples, families and individuals heal, grow, and feel good again.

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Growing Self San Francisco Life Coaching Relationship Coaching
Dr. Georgiana Spradling

Focused, Effective, Experienced

LocationSan Francisco, CA - Online Video

Dr. Georgiana is a multilingual Marriage and Family Therapist, Emotional Intelligence Coach and Life Coach. Whether your preferred language is English, Spanish or French, her strategic, results-oriented approach to relationship coaching, dating coaching, life coaching and therapy will move you forward.

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DB: Online Marriage Counselor • Online Couples Counselor • Online Sex Therapist • Breakup Coach • Online Therapist • Online Life Coach • Sydney, AUS Counsellor • Sydney, AUS Marriage Counsellor • Sydney, AUS Sex Therapist
Dori Bagi

Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

LocationSydney, AUS - Online Video

Dori is a kind, empathetic couples counselor, individual therapist, and life coach who specializes in sex therapy. Her friendly style makes it safe to talk about anything, and her solution focused approach helps you move past the past, and into a bright new future of intimacy and connection.

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Online Marriage Counselor Online Life Coach Online Therapist Georgetown TX Couples Counselor Austin TX Therapist Georgetown TX Life Coach Austin TX
Sonya Jensen

Transformational Life Coaching & Couples Counseling

LocationAustin, TX - Online Video

Sonya is a kind, effective marriage counselor, couples therapist, premarital counselor, dating coach, life coach, and breakup counselor, who is devoted to helping you create the life and love you want.

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broomfield colorado marriage counselor broomfield premarital counseling broomfield couples therapy online marriage counseling life coaching broomfield
Jenna Peterson

Smart, Friendly, & Effective

LocationAvailable in Broomfield, CO and Online

Jenna is a supportive marriage counselor, couples therapist, individual therapist and life coach with a friendly, light style. She uses effective, evidence-based techniques to help you achieve your most important goals for your life and your relationships.

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Sharmishtha Gupta, M.A

Warm, Authentic and Empowering


Sharmishtha is a warm, validating counselor and coach who can help you uncover your strengths, get clear about who you are, heal your spirit, and attain the highest and best in yourself and your relationships.

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Chelsea Twiss

Connection, Creativity & Growth

LocationFort Collins, CO

Dr. Chelsea is a couples counselor, individual therapist, life coach and creativity coach. She specializes in helping couples restore emotional and sexual intimacy, individuals move past heartbreak and into healthy relationships, and creatives find their voice.

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denver therapist denver sports coach life coach career coach online international cherry creek colorado
Markie Keelan

Dynamic Love, Life & Career Coaching

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek • DTC • Online Video

Markie's mission is to help you create authentic happiness and satisfaction in your life. She supports you to create deeper connection with others, as well as actualize your life's purpose.

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Linda Pounds

Thriving Personal & Professional Relationships

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek • Broomfield, CO • Online

Linda is a relationship expert with years of experience as a marriage counselor, executive coach, leadership coach, and emotional intelligence coach. She's here to help you cultivate positive relationships in every area of your life.

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Teena Evert M.A., LMFT LAC
Teena Evert
M.A., LMFT, LAC, C-IQ Certified

Reach Your Fullest Potential: Life & Leadership Coaching


Teena is dually licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Addictions Counselor. She is also a trained Relationship and Holistic Coach and a Certified Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coach for executives and leaders. Teena can help you tap into your hidden talents, renew your commitments, refresh your efforts and provide guidance to reach your full potential as a leader in both your personal and professional life.

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Denver Marriage Counselor, Denver Premarital Counselor, Denver Therapist, Denver Life Coach, Denver Breakup Recovery
Toni Qualantone
M.A., N.C.C., LPCC

Powerful Transformations

LocationOnline | Denver / Cherry Creek

Toni believes everyone has the power to create their most joyful life. She supports couples and individuals in making new choices and creating new opportunities that bring them closer to their goals. Passion, effective intervention, and a dash of humor create the perfect environment where change can happen and growth can flourish.

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Tania Chikhani

International Love, Life & Career Coach


Tania is a Relationship Specialist as well as an expert Career and Executive Coach. She is trained in marriage and family therapy, mindfulness, and credentialed in career, executive, life, dating and relationship coaching. She can help you find, create and maintain passionate and fulfilling relationships while thriving in your career.

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Dr. Kristi Helvig, PhD, LP, CPC
Kristi Helvig

Strategic Career & Executive Coaching

LocationOnline Video

Dr. Kristi is both a licensed psychologist and a board certified coach, and she specializes in career and executive coaching. She can help you get clarity, overcome old obstacles, and climb the mountain to success — no matter how you define it.

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Denver Marriage Counselor - Online Marriage Counseling - Denver Couples Therapy - Breakup Recovery Expert - Online Life Coach - Dating Coach
Rachel Harder

Solution-Focused, Positive, & Action-Oriented

Not Accepting New Clients

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek • Online Video

Rachel helps you find passion and joy in yourself and your relationships. She supports you in creating meaning and happiness, and not only facing your challenges — but triumphantly overcoming them.

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Denver marriage counselor broomfield colorado marriage counselor premarital counseling online marriage counseling online relationship coaching couples therapy
Polly Drew

The Wisdom of Experience

Not Accepting New Clients

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek • Online Video

Polly has a gentle, client-centered approach and vast experience helping people make positive changes in their lives, healing their marriages, and restoring their inner peace.

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prepare enrich premarital counselor online therapy in broomfield colorado marriage counselor broomfield premarital counseling broomfield couples therapy online marriage counseling life coaching broomfield
Stephanie Manning

Positive, Engaging, and Direct

Not Accepting New Clients

LocationBroomfield + Online

Stephanie has been helping couples, families, and individuals grow for over a decade as a marriage counselor, transformational therapist and strategic life coach.

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Denver tech center greenwood village marriage counselor therapist life coach centennial aurora online marriage counseling online therapist
Jessica Small

Friendly, Smart and Effective

Not Accepting New Clients

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek • DTC • Online Video

Jessica is passionate about helping individuals, families & couples create more fulfilling lives and relationships, and to function at an optimum level of health and happiness.

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Seth Bender, M.A., LMFTC

Easy to Talk To, Genuine & Productive

Not Accepting New Clients

LocationDenver • Online

Seth is a marriage counselor, therapist, and life coach who helps people create deeper relationships, heal from difficult life experiences, and increase their confidence. His warm, non-judgmental approach makes it safe to discover new things about yourself, and take positive action to change your life.

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Brianna McCarthy M.A. Atlanta, GA Premarital Counselor
Brianna McCarthy

A Fresh Perspective

Not Accepting New Clients

LocationOnline, Atlanta GA

Brianna is a kind, smart couples counselor, premarital counselor, life coach, therapist and dating coach with a positive perspective and a special ability to help her clients feel accepted and appreciated for who they already are. She helps you embrace your existing strengths, so you can then move forward.

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Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

For Love, Happiness and Success

Not Accepting New Clients

LocationDenver / Cherry Creek • Online Video

Dr. Lisa is here to help you feel good about yourself and your life, create secure and loving relationships, and do good things in the world.

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