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It's a Brand New Day

New Client Orientation

Welcome. We’re Glad You’re Here.

Thank you so much for entrusting your personal growth to Growing Self. We are honored that you’ve chosen us to help you at this crossroads in your life.

The Next Step

Click here to complete your New Client Information Form.

Through it, you’ll have the chance to tell your counselor / coach about yourself and your situation so they can prep for your consultation meeting.

You’ll also get instructions for how to connect with them (by video, or in person), as well as information about what to expect in your meeting.

This is important: If your counselor or coach does not get this form back, they may assume you’ve changed your mind and cancel your meeting.

Your Therapist or Coach is Your “Point Person.”

If you have questions about billing, insurance, or other logistical information ask your therapist or coach about it during your consultation session, or anytime thereafter. They will be able to help you.

After Your Consultation:

You’ll Schedule Ongoing Sessions

If you’ve scheduled a free consultation you’ll meet with your counselor or coach to see if it feels like a good fit. If it does, then you can schedule ongoing meetings directly with them until you’ve met your goals for your work together.

After Your Solution Session:

You’ll Get Your Action Plan

If your first meeting is a Solution Session (a strategic, solution-focused coaching session) you’ll get a follow-up email from your coach outlining the action plan you developed together. If you’d like to continue meeting with your coach for support in attaining your goals, that’s great! Just ask them for another session.

If It’s Not a Match, That’s Okay

The single most important factor in wether or not counseling or coaching will be effective is the connection you feel with your therapist or coach. If, after your consultation session, it does NOT feel like it’s a good fit, that is completely okay. Please contact our office (numbers below) and we can reschedule you with someone else on the team who might be a better match for you.

Don’t Hesitate to Get In Touch

We are all here to help you. If you need anything please contact your therapist or coach, or our administrative team. Let us know what you need and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

Call Anytime

We Answer 24/7.

Call Internationally

It’s free to call:


Email is Good Too.

We’ll get back to you asap:

Thank you again for placing your trust in us. We look forward to having a positive and meaningful relationship with you.

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