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If you’re like Jenny and Greg…

You care a lot about your relationship, and will do everything possible to keep it healthy and strong. If you caught their Wolf Wake Up Show recently, you may have heard me helping them make positive changes to their relationship. I was discussing some very specific tools and strategies to help Jenny and Greg resolve their problems. I wanted to make them available for you, too.

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Here’s the assessment I asked Jenny and Greg to take. You can take this too, and use it to understand each other better. (It’s free).

We use this premarital assessment with the couples who take our premarital counseling program. While you can’t get the results or interpretation outside of our program, you can take this assessment together and use your answers to the questions as “conversation starters.”


(I am not affiliated in any way with — just wanted to give you quick links to get access to the books you’re interested in).

Quick Tips:

The biggest predictor of divorce: Criticism, Contempt, Stonewalling and Defensiveness

The biggest predictor of staying together: If she trusts him, and if he accepts influence from her.

The most important ingredients for a healthy relationship: Kindness and generosity.

Easiest path to a spectacular relationship? Understand your partner — who they are, how they feel, and what they need — and work with that, instead of against it.

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Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, LMFT, BCC

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