Toni Qualantone, M.A., N.C.C., LPCC

Powerful Transformations

Marriage Counselor | Individual Therapist | Relationship Coach | Couples Counselor | Premarital Counselor | Breakup Recovery Coach |  Life Coach

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. My name is Toni and I am a therapist, life coach, and couples counselor who believes each individual and couple has unique strengths. I am passionate about honoring the journey and perceptions of my clients while supporting them in moving closer to their values and goals.

I have developed a profound appreciation for the wisdom and history each individual and couple brings to the room. I partner with you to explore complex life situations, increase your intimacy, express your emotions and, ultimately, connect to your power, joy and innate ability to thrive.

I help facilitate change by creating a space where you can give voice to your truth, feel safe and trust that change is possible. With self-awareness and self-acceptance, anything becomes possible.

I provide learning and skill-building opportunities so you can feel confident in yourself and your relationship. I use a strength-based approach and utilize a variety of techniques to meet your needs. I challenge you to be open to change and growth, but in an environment that helps you feel safe, comfortable, and understood.

I also know a huge part of growth means being vulnerable; opening ourselves up and discovering what needs have gone unmet, like connection, love, honesty, and understanding. The hardest things are never easy, but don’t worry. I’m here for you and I’m dedicated to figuring it out. I know the collaboration necessary to make change happen, and I look forward to partnering with you.   

About Me

I received my Master’s degree in Couples and Family Counseling at the University of Colorado Denver. I am passionate about being a transformative helping professional and have experience working with couples, families, and adults on issues related to family transitions and development, mindfulness, recovery, eating disorders, sexuality, anxiety, and depression.

I look forward to working alongside you as you start your journey towards living your most authentic life.




  • Denver / Cherry Creek
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