Whitney Conner, M.A., LPC

Compassionate Support to Move Forward


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Hi there, my name is Whitney. I am an individual Georgia therapist and online life coach who specializes in helping you learn and grow through challenging life experiences so that you can move past the past, and into a bright new future.

Clients describe me as warm, inviting, encouraging, and approachable. I help establish a trusting and safe relationship through which to work through life’s more tender experiences and feelings. I am consistent, steady, and structured within sessions. A strength of mine is that I am perceptive and intuitive, able to recognize deeper truths. This allows me to assist you in building a stronger self-awareness to help you through your healing journey. 

I value authenticity, vulnerability, autonomy, and empowerment. If we work together, it is important to me that you walk away from our time feeling valued, seen, strengthened, safe, and cared for. My hope is that you gain a sense of accomplishment and freedom from our work together — moving  past roadblocks to better thrive within your most important relationships, dreams, and identity.

Learn more about my therapy and coaching styles below!

Life Coaching

I am a motivated and empowering life coach. I help you set realistic and achievable goals to overcome obstacles and achieve success in your life. I am especially skilled in assisting clients in identifying barriers that stand in the way of their dreams, assisting them in making necessary changes and adjustments to get them back on course with clarity and vision! 

I specialize in helping individuals walk through life transitions, personal growth, single parenting, and grief.

I can help you with:

  • Strategic decision making
  • Overcoming obstacles and feeling “stuck”
  • Life transitions
  • Coping with and working through change
  • Identifying your values
  • Self discovery and personal growth
  • Parenting coaching (especially for single parents!)
  • Understanding your passions and purpose
  • Relationship skills to build better relationships with others
  • Rebuilding after a breakup, divorce, or other life transition
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Next steps within your career
  • Communication
  • Vision clarity  

I operate from a solution-focused approach within coaching, using assessments and goal-setting objectives to empower clients along their journey.


Dating Coaching 

Healthy dating relationships are a passion of mine, and I believe that they begin with self-awareness and a healthy relationship with ourselves! I delight in walking with clients as they pursue their hopes for compatible, healthy, and thriving relationships within dating. I enjoy pulling from evidence-based Gottman principles when working within dating coaching, helping clients to better understand how to relate to a potential romantic partner, as well as how to better engage within their relationships once dating a significant other. 

I oftentimes approach dating coaching through values assessment activities to raise self-awareness, the Gottman Card Deck, literature around making a compatible and wise choice within choosing a dating partner, strengthening emotional intelligence and communication skills, setting goals around dating, and empowering clients to feel confident in their dating decisions through developing informed discernment and clarity around desires.

In our work together we will discover your relationship strengths and growth opportunities so that you can enter your dating life with confidence, encouraged in your strengths, with a heightened awareness of your values and desires for dating, and with the necessary skills needed for a successful and happy romantic relationship. 

Individual Therapy

I am able to provide therapy services in a number of states including Georgia and Colorado. As a therapist, I specialize in compassionate and supportive healing. I feel passionate about helping people recover from the difficult and challenging experiences that life can oftentimes throw our way. 

I utilize evidence-based forms of therapy including both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Narrative Therapy. These strengths-based approaches  to help you process and work through past experiences, uncover areas that you feel are holding you back, understanding areas of growth, and creating a path forward.

As your therapist, I can assist you with a variety of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, substance use issues, and trauma. I specialize in helping individuals walk through life transitions, personal growth, single parenting, grief, anxiety, depression, identity development, break-up recovery, relational distress, self-awareness and growing emotional intelligence development, and moving forward from loss. I am especially experienced in working with diverse cultures and populations, having served the immigrant and refugee community and other minority populations of Atlanta for five years.

When serving in the role of a therapist, I enjoy using the following approaches in our work together: 

  • Reframing techniques
  • Guided discovery
  • Journaling
  • Stress reduction
  • Grounding techniques such as muscle relaxation, deep/rhythmic breathing, and imagery
  • SMART goal setting
  • Roleplay
  • Successive approximation

I often draw on a CBT framework when working with clients facing substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. 

In my work with young adults, I use Narrative Therapy quite frequently. This approach allows my clients to feel empowered to be the author of their own story by assigning meaning and purpose to promote healing. 

When using Narrative Therapy, we might integrate the following approaches into our work together: 

  • Storytelling (writing a personal narrative) paired with the unique outcomes technique (changing your storyline to bring about meaning and empowerment)
  • Deconstructing
  • Externalization
  • Expressive arts (movement, drawing, journaling, visualization)
  • And the trauma egg exercise

In addition to our work together, I may use assessments that are beneficial when working through areas of healing and self-exploration. 

About Me

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where I still live today. I attended the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) for my undergraduate degree, earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Relations: Human Rights and Foreign Comparative Politics. I later moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue my master’s degree at Denver Seminary, where I graduated with a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. 

I am a certified instructor for Youth Mental Health First Aid through the National Council for Behavioral Health, and I teach courses on social-cultural counseling, as well as train clinicians and laypersons to work with clients who have endured traumas. 

I am especially experienced in working with diverse cultures and populations, having served the immigrant and refugee community and other minority populations of Atlanta for five years.

I have a history of working for Young Life, thoroughly enjoying work with adolescents and young adults! I just think they’re so fun, dynamic, and hope-filled! 

I am a newly published author, having written academic pieces on the use of cultural genograms in cross-cultural counseling and the education of new clinicians for Sage Publishing. 

I enjoy spending time with my family and dog, Scout. You can find me hiking the North Georgia Mountains, cooking, camping, fly fishing, or submerged in historical fiction, my community, or abstract oil painting!