Zachary Gaiter, M.A., LPCC

Warm, Supportive and Motivating

"Zachary is a warm, supportive therapist and dynamic, motivating life coach, career coach, and creativity coach. He's here to help you get clarity about yourself and your life, grow as a person, and achieve your most important goals."


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“Hi, I’m Zachary. I am a therapist, life coach, career coach, and creativity coach, driven by a passion to assist others in their pursuit of personal growth and meaningful achievement. I can be helpful to you with a wide variety of issues, including life transitions, breakup and divorce recovery, personal growth, attaining your goals, and improving your relationships.

As a Creative Professional Coach

“While I have a background in mental health and can serve you as a therapist if you’re in Colorado, my true calling is as a career coach with creative artists and creative professionals, particularly around how to be at your peak performance creatively, as well as balance life and art. [Read: Creativity, A Blessing & A Curse]. With over two decades of experience in the creative arts industry, I know the effect that each can have on the other. This life experience combined with my master’s degree in counseling and coaching education puts me in a unique position to provide you with insight and support and help you tap into the special skill set that you already possess.”

Here to Support You Through Personal Growth

“I’ve been told that my strongest personal attribute is my compassionate, soothing presence and my ability to help my clients feel safe, comfortable, and understood, regardless of the topic. I do great work with men looking to make positive changes in their lives [Listen: Understanding Men], and with women on the path of growth, empowerment, and achievement. No matter what’s going on, my focus on creating emotional safety in our relationship makes it easy to discuss even the most overwhelming feelings, and meet the most challenging circumstances head-on.”

“I know that you are a unique individual, and your therapy or coaching experience needs to be customized just for you in order to have the most fulfilling experience possible. I want to get to know the real you. From there, we can together identify ways that we can help you become a closer representation of the “you” that you want to be.  If you’ve been feeling “stuck,” or have the desire to change your life, let’s talk about how I can help.”

Zachary Gaiter is available to meet with you for same-day solution sessions, or you can schedule an appointment to meet with him nationally and internationally through online video.


  • Denver, CO
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