Coaching Certification For Therapists

The Ultimate Guide

Curious about coaching? Trying to figure out your next steps in your career as a therapist?

Take this FREE Two-Part Training with Dr. Lisa to discover:

  • Clarity about your long-term life and career goals as a therapist.
  • What becoming a certified coach involves, and whether it’s right for you.
  • The step-by-step process for attaining a Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential.
  • How coaching can transform your therapy practice for the better.
  • An action plan that will help you move towards your professional goals… whether or not you choose to pursue a coaching credential.

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Here’s What You Get

Two Exclusive Trainings

In each training with Dr. Lisa, she’ll help you create a vision for ideal career, the real deal about coaching, and help you get clarity about whether obtaining a coaching credential could help you attain your professional goals as a therapist.

Coaching certification for therapists trainer Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, Board Certified Coach.

Two Full Hours of Coaching

Dr. Lisa is here for you! With her warm yet honest guidance, you’ll get a fresh perspective into yourself, your options and the step-by-step process for transforming your career as a therapist — and your life.

An Action Plan

This free training includes a comprehensive 30+ page workbook that helps you dig deep with lessons, activities, and homework assignments to gain self awareness, gain knowledge, and apply what you learn.

Craft Your Therapy Career Path

Too many talented, caring therapists feel stuck in a career path that can lead to burnout, and that takes a toll on our own mental, emotional, and relational wellbeing.

Becoming a Certified Coach can open up a bright new future for your professional trajectory, that helps you grow, love what you do, and attain the happiness and success you deserve.

The Two Video Training

Training One

Dr. Lisa will help you get reconnected with your big picture hopes and dreams: Not just for your professional life, but for your personal life too. Then, you’ll find out what coaches do, why ethical therapists get certified as coaches, and discover what you would need to learn in order to be an effective and successful coach.

Training Two

With your life goals in mind, you’ll explore whether (or not) becoming a certified coach would help you attain them. You’ll learn the step by step process for becoming a certified coach, and gain clarity on which coaching credential to pursue. Finally, you’ll get support in creating an action plan to make those dreams you reality.

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About Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed psychologist, and a board-certified coach, as well as a clinical supervisor and educator of highly effective therapists. She’s the founder of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching, and the host of The Love, Happiness, and Success Podcast.

Dr. Bobby’s unique approach is evidence-based yet down-to-earth, and combines the power and depth of therapy with the action-for-results energy of coaching psychology, to help you create real and lasting transformation in your caeer.

“We all can choose to either stay stuck, or grow forward. Be your own hero.”

— Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

You Can Transform Your Therapy Career

This coaching certification for therapists ultimate guide will give you clarity and direction about your career path, help you figure out whether a coaching credential is right for you, and provide a step by step guide for how to transform your career (as a coach, or not!)… and it’s free! Can you think of a single reason to not take it? Me neither! Sign up now, and let’s get to work. xoxo, Dr. Lisa

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The Ultimate Guide. 100% free.