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Counseling Services for Personal Evolution

Every challenge brings an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. Courageously working on yourself through therapy transforms you and allows you to cultivate the love, happiness and success that you deserve.

Coaching Services for Meaningful Growth

We help you get unstuck and create real and lasting change. Our positive, productive, and strengths-based coaching services help you grow and move forward confidently.

Why Choose Growing Self?

The therapists and coaches of Growing Self are different. Our experts have layers of specialized education, training, and experience that set us apart.

All of our experts are qualified mental health therapists well versed in effective, evidence-based individual therapy, and with additional expertise in either marriage and family therapy, or career counseling and professional development.

On top of that, we offer positive, empowering coaching services that move you forward — fostering growth in yourself, your relationships, and your career.

We are true specialists in Love, Happiness and Success. If that’s what you’re seeking, you’re in the right place.

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We Specialize In Counseling Services & Coaching Services For…

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Healthy Relationships

Our relationships are at the center of our lives.

Our relationship experts are marriage and family therapists — true relationship specialists. We can help you learn and grow, identify your patterns, develop empowered communication skills, be more vulnerable, manage anger and emotional flooding, increase emotional intelligence, set healthy boundaries, and practice emotional self-care.

Learn more about our positive approach to counseling services and coaching services for healthy relationships.

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Personal Growth

You know when it’s time to grow. Our approach fosters meaningful personal growth on deep levels, nurturing positive change in your life, career, and relationships.

Using evidence-based practices, our therapists and coaches help you shift family roles, uncover your strengths, be honest with yourself, practice emotional self-care, identify your obstacles, build self-love and self-esteem, feel more secure, and grow into your full potential.

Learn more about coaching and therapy services for personal growth.

Professional Development

Our holistic, whole-life approach addresses the powerful opportunities for growth that you have in your professional life, too.

We can help you cultivate values-based clarity and direction, create your ten-year plan, get unstuck, develop meaning and satisfaction in your work, grow as a leader, and achieve your life design goals.

Most importantly, we help you use your professional experiences as doorways to personal growth and stronger relationships in every part of your life.

Learn more about our professional development and career coaching services.

Our Core Counseling
Services & Coaching Services

Positive, Productive Therapy & Counseling Services

All of the experts on our team are qualified mental health professionals with advanced training and expertise as therapists, as well as specialized skills in coaching, relationship coaching, and career coaching services.

We specialize in therapy and counseling services for personal growth, love, happiness, and success. We have additional expertise in breakup therapy and divorce counseling and can help with common concerns like depression and anxiety, too.

Learn more about our online therapy services and in-person therapy in Denver.

Transformational Life Coaching Services

Get direction to move forward fearlessly. Traditional talk therapy can bring valuable self-awareness and self-love, but without an achievable action plan, nothing will change.

Our meaningful, evidence-based life coaching helps you combine your insight and action so you can create real and lasting change in your relationship, career, and yourself.

We offer Denver life coach and online life coach services.

Learn more about our powerful approach to life coaching.

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Welcome to Growing Self

Hi, I’m Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby. Since 2005, my team and I have been helping people all over the world create Love, Happiness and Success in their lives through positive, compassionate, and effective couples counseling, therapy, career coaching, and life coaching. I’m so pleased to be able to help you, too. There is help for you here, and I’m glad you’ve found us. Our practice, Growing Self, is devoted to your well-being. Here on GrowingSelf.com, you’ll find loads of free information and actionable advice that you can start using today to create positive change in your life. Browse around to educate yourself about your options, get free expert advice through our Love, Happiness and Success Blog and Podcast, or sign up for an online class. Or, if the time is right, you can schedule a free consultation with any of us to talk about your situation — and, most importantly — your hopes for your future.

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

We Are Here For You.


Working with us is a positive experience. Our smart, compassionate experts have advanced degrees from the best counseling programs and years of experience helping individuals and couples change their lives for the better.


Our evidence-based approaches to therapy and life coaching are designed to help you identify obstacles and successfully work through them — leading to powerful self-awareness and insight.


We understand that awareness is not enough. Real and lasting change happens when we follow insight with effective action.

Our roots are in therapy, but our wings are in coaching — that’s what takes you to the next level.


Working with us is a meaningful experience — and also an easy one. We’re available for coaching services or therapy in Denver and online therapy and online life coaching, too. We offer evening and weekend appointments and affordable sliding-scale rates, and we may be able to help you use your insurance.

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