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Becoming a Family

Building a family is a beautiful experience, but it comes with challenges, too. Our expert marriage and family therapists are here to help you learn and grow through parent coaching as you navigate these transitions.

We also provide compassionate marriage counseling or couples therapy to help you navigate the “building a family” experience: making difficult decisions about whether to have a child, or process the heartache of infertility or pregnancy loss.

As babies are welcomed, we help you learn and grow into parenthood and recalibrate your evolving relationship along the way. Learn more about our counseling services for new, hopeful, and expecting families.

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Positive Effective Parent Coaching

Confident, competent parents aren’t born: they’re grown, right alongside their children. Our marriage and family therapists help you grow into the parent you want to be.

Through research-backed, attachment-based, positive parenting approaches, and couples counseling that nourishes your marriage after kids, you’ll develop the warm, healthy, strong, respectful relationships that allow everyone in your family to flourish and thrive.

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Blended Family Counseling

Couples bringing kids into a new relationship quickly learn that it takes more than love and good intentions to create a happy, healthy step-family.

Our marriage and family therapists use a thoughtful, empowering approach to blended family counseling that helps you build strong and positive step-family relationships, create healthy boundaries, co-parent effectively, and find unity in your marriage.

Learn more about blended family counseling.

Why Choose Parent Coaching With Growing Self?

Unlike most therapists and coaches, the parent coaches of Growing Self are marriage and family therapists. They are authentic relationship experts with specialized degrees in marriage and family therapy and years of experience in using evidence-based approaches that help individuals, couples and families strengthen attachment bonds, improve communication, and cultivate happy, healthy families.

Parent Coaching is for Strong, Healthy, Loving Families

Happy, healthy families don’t just happen; they’re grown by people who love each other enough to work on themselves, drop their old baggage, and actively practice healthy relationship skills every day.

Parent coaching is the place where you learn how to:

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Communicate Effectively

Healthy communication that helps everyone feel heard, respected, and loved is the foundation of a happy family.

Positive parent coaching and marriage counseling helps you develop a strong relationship after baby, as well as parent more effectively (and with less stress).

We help you improve communication through evidence-based emotional intelligence skills coaching that helps you hear and be heard in a way that promotes healthy relationships in your family.

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Cultivate Connections

Whether everyone is staring silently at their own screens (or screaming at each other) disconnection creates conflict and damages relationships. This “disconnection dynamic” is common, particularly if you’re parenting teens or navigating blended family relationships.

Effective, positive marriage counseling, family therapy, and parent coaching help you thoughtfully build close, connected, nurturing bonds with the people you love the most, so you can enjoy each other again.

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Nurture Future Adults

Strong, healthy families are the incubator for the development of strong, healthy adults.

Children of emotionally intelligent, thoughtful parents grow into confident, resilient adults who know how to have healthy relationships.

You prepare your children for happy adulthood by working on yourself, working through the dysfunctional family dynamics of your past, and cultivating positive relationships in the present. We can show you how.

Parent Coaching Helps You….


Many couples need support creating healthy boundaries with each other’s family of origin. This can be especially true in cross-cultural relationships with vastly different expectations about the role of grandparents and extended family (or, if one of you has a co-parenting relationship with an Ex).

We help couples work together to create and maintain compassionate, respectful, and healthy boundaries around the family they create together.

Build Practical Parenting Skills

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual. Many parents struggle to manage behaviors, deal with sibling rivalry, instill self-discipline, and teach healthy communication to their children.

Parent coaching can give you the skills and strategies to parent confidently and effectively… all while creating peace in your home.

Eliminate Power Struggles

When couples have trouble parenting together, they’re usually having power struggles around “how things should be done.” This can be especially true in a blended family or step-family. Add a teen or a “three-nager” into the mix, and every conversation can become a stand-off.

Power struggles between parents and kids make it hard to have the close, connected parent-child relationship you want. Positive parent coaching helps you understand each other’s “noble intentions” and build bridges to the center.

Parent as a Team

The transition from couple to family can be challenging. It’s only after kids are born that couples realize there are often significant differences in their parenting styles — creating conflict and dysfunctional family dynamics.

Positive, productive parent coaching illuminates the influence of each partners’ family of origin, so you can intentionally create a happy new family together.

Have a Happy Marriage

Becoming parents introduces new stress to your marriage. But it’s important for parents to take good care of their connection, not only for themselves, but for their kids.

Positive parent coaching can help you reconnect with each other and strengthen your relationship as a couple — which will strengthen the foundation of your entire family.

Best Yet? We Make This Easy.


Looking for a “parenting coach near me?” We’re here for you. We offer parent coaching and family therapy, and marriage counseling in Denver, and Broomfield. We also offer parent coaching online. Depending on your location, we may be able to provide online family therapy, too.


One of the biggest barriers to getting support is the challenge of fitting it into your already busy life. We’re here to make this easy for you. We offer evening and weekend hours so that you can have parenting coaching sessions at your convenience.

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