Communication That Connects

with Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Join Dr. Lisa in this free communication skills training to:

  • Learn the REAL issues causing conflict.
  • Build a positive new chapter for your relationship.
  • Get proven tools to stop fighting, and restore your emotional connection.
  • Learn and apply a proven framework for communication that connects!

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Here’s What You Get

Two Exclusive Trainings

In each training with Dr. Lisa, she’ll teach you the evidence-based do’s and don’ts for communication that connects … and how to apply these communication skills in your relationship immediately.

Two Full Hours of Coaching

Dr. Lisa is here for you! With her warm yet honest guidance, you’ll get a fresh perspective into yourself, your partner, and the step-by-step process for transforming your communication — and your relationship.

communication that connects free training workbook

An Action Plan

This free training includes a comprehensive 30+ page workbook that helps you dig deep with lessons, activities, and homework assignments to apply what you learn.

Restore The LOVE, Build a New FUTURE

Positive, productive communication that connects is the key to every happy, healthy relationship.

If you can have constructive conversations, and stay emotionally connected, there’s no obstacle you can’t overcome together.

Unfortunately, no one teaches us how to do this. Conflict is part of every relationship, and if you can’t communicate to connect, the issues will pile up… and the resentment will grow.

Improving your communication builds emotional intimacy, effectively solves issues, and creates a lifetime of love.

This is how we grow, together.

The Two Video Training

Training One

You’ll learn the Six Pillars of Communication That Connects, and do a deep dive into your relationship’s strengths and growth opportunities.

Training Two

You’ll learn how to spot (and stop) negative communication spirals, and replace them with empowering communication that connects.

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About Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed psychologist, and a board-certified coach, as well as a clinical supervisor and educator of highly effective therapists. She’s the founder of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching, and the host of The Love, Happiness, and Success Podcast.

Dr. Bobby’s unique approach is evidence-based yet down-to-earth, and combines the power and depth of therapy with the action-for-results energy of coaching psychology, to help you create real and lasting transformation in your relationship.

It’s time for you to grow together, and reclaim your joy as a couple. Learning communication that connects is the way forward.

— Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

You Can Love Your Relationship

This communication skills training for couples will give you the tools to start growing together, solve old problems, and reconnect emotionally… and it’s free! Can you think of a single reason to not take it? Me neither! Sign up now, and let’s get to work. xoxo, Dr. Lisa

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