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Welcome, fellow therapist! 🌟 As you know, we’ve chosen a career that’s both challenging and profoundly rewarding. As compassionate givers and helpers, we’ve dedicated our lives to serving others. But here’s the truth: the world often forgets to take care of us, to nurture us. It’s time for change.

We know how tough it can be. Therapists like you are vital to the world, but too often, caring clinicians get depleted and overlooked. At Growing Self, we’re all about prioritizing your growth, love, happiness, and success. You deserve to flourish and thrive, enjoying your life, while making a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

We’ve got a treasure trove of articles, enlightening podcasts, and valuable resources that will nurture your mind, heart, and soul, both personally and professionally. Think of us as your dedicated partner in growth and well-being, committed to helping you learn, grow, and prosper. Just as you give so much to others, you deserve care and support too. 🌱💕

xo, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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