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How to Become a Great Leader

Not everyone has the strength, vision, and courage to see what is possible and to dare to create it. And nobody does it alone.

Great leaders earn their authority every day through wisdom and trust. Leadership coaching with a career development specialist helps you grow into a leader worth following into the future.

What Is a Leadership Coach?

When everyone else turns to you for guidance, where do you turn?

Good leaders invest in learning how to be a better leader, how to manage people, and how to develop an organization culture that helps teams flourish.

A leadership coach (sometimes called an “executive coach”) provides guidance and mentorship for you, so you can provide effective direction and mentorship for the people you seek to serve through your leadership.

Trustworthy Leadership

Our Approach to Leadership Coaching

Working with a Growing Self leadership coach is different.

Why? Our career development specialists are licensed therapists with degrees and certifications in career and professional development, and/or systemic and relational approaches to therapy.

This expertise allows us to help you learn, grow, and develop yourself on deep and powerful levels — addressing internal obstacles, systemic factors, and interpersonal skills.

We help you grow yourself so that you can inspire growth in others.

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Our Leadership Coaching Services

People management

Many professionals moving into a leadership role find that managing others comes with a steep learning curve, requiring a very different skill set than the technical know-how that led to their advancement.

Managing well is an art and a science. Whether you manage a team, are managing managers, or are managing up, learning how to be a better manager is an investment in your continued professional growth and career satisfaction.

leadership team development

Successful team leadership requires a thoughtful understanding of your team’s complementary strengths and personalities and how to generate unified action while making space for autonomy and creativity. Not an easy balance!

Leadership coaching, either individually or as a leadership team, provides you with insight and skills to create positive collaboration — and grows leadership abilities in your key players.

emotional intelligence

Great leadership is impossible without emotional intelligence.

Awareness of your own thoughts and feelings, and the ability to regulate your emotions, are essential in the creation of trustworthy relationships, effective communication, and positive organizational culture.

Building emotional intelligence allows you to inspire, motivate, and bring out the best in your team.

Learn more about building emotional intelligence in the workplace.

healthy organization culture

Great leaders take responsibility for intentionally cultivating a positive, healthy organizational culture that empowers and supports every person.

Leadership coaching helps you create clarity about your values and learn how to build a strong collective that inspires trust, transparency, loyalty, and growth in everyone who is depending on you.

Personal and Professional Development

When you’re responsible for the success and wellbeing of others… it can start to take a toll on your own.

Our leadership coaches can put on their career counseling hat and work with you to manage stress and achieve a healthy work-life balance that prioritizes your personal wellbeing so you can prevent (or recover from) burnout.

Design Your Life with Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching with a career development specialist who is also a therapist offers you a safe, non-judgmental place to share your victories and challenges, find your opportunities for growth, and think through your next steps.

Our career experts will help you hone in on what matters to you most, so you can live your life by design — and direct your talent and tenacity in alignment with your most meaningful personal values.

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