Divorce & Breakup
Recovery Coaching Group

Heal and Grow, Together

Heartbreak Is Lonely

We began our online divorce and breakup recovery coaching group because we know how lonely it is to be suffering from heartbreak. Even well-meaning friends and family don’t truly get what you’re going through.

Going through a traumatic breakup or divorce is one of the most difficult things any of us experience. One of the hardest parts is the isolation many people going through bad breakups often feel.

We know you need connection, understanding, and support.

People holding hands together during a support group meeting

But You’re Not Alone

Connecting with the right group makes all the difference.

Our online divorce and breakup coaching group offers emotional support from people who understand how you feel, as well as the guidance of an expert divorce counselor and breakup recovery coach to help you learn how to heal after heartbreak.

Heal, Together.

Divorce and Breakup Recovery Group Coaching Moves You Forward.

Expert Breakup Coach

Why choose Growing Self for support in your breakup or divorce recovery? Because we are experts in helping people move past breakups, rebuild after divorce, heal their broken hearts, and start healthy new chapters in their lives.

Our founder and clinical director, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, is the author of the groundbreaking breakup book, “Exaholics: Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love.” Through years of research and years of clinical experience, she developed a novel approach to helping people break their attachments to old relationships and rebuild their lives.

Our experts know how to help you get unstuck so that you can heal, grow, and move forward with your life.

Kensington O., M.S., LAMFT, MFTC
Kensington O., M.S., LAMFT, MFTC

Meet Your
Online Breakup Coaching Group Facilitator

Kensington O., M.S., LAMFT, MFTC

Kensington is a compassionate and effective therapist, as well as a divorce and breakup recovery coach with years of experience helping people heal and grow after relationship loss.

Kensington’s background is in couples and family therapy. She has extensive knowledge to help you not only heal and grow after loss, but also how to create healthy and sustainable relationships in the future.

About Our Online Breakup & Divorce Coaching Group

This is a small, intimate group limited to six or fewer members at a time so everyone can be heard and supported. The group meets weekly for 60-75 minutes. In each group, the breakup coaching group facilitator will guide you through group breakup recovery coaching activities and discussion topics designed to help you heal, grow, and move forward.

Each group is $40, and we respectfully request an 8-week commitment, in order to ensure group stability and cohesion.

In addition to your weekly group coaching sessions, you’ll have access to our private breakup recovery Facebook group available 24/7, where you can share ideas, give and receive support, and be an ongoing part of our community.

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