Emotional Intelligence Coaching

For Love, Happiness and Success

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Counseling and coaching for emotional intelligence helps you understand and manage your own feelings, and connect with those of others — allowing Love, Happiness, and Success to flow in every part of your life.

Emotional intelligence is the heart of personal growth, healthy relationships, and satisfying careers. If you want to have it all, investing in your emotional intelligence is the way to get it.

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Authentic Happiness

People high in emotional intelligence (or EI) have insight into themselves and know how to manage their feelings in healthy ways. This leads to higher self-esteem, more confidence, increased motivation, and reduced stress.

Learning how to cultivate emotional wellness from within helps you experience the lightness and joy you deserve.

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Thriving Relationships

Deep connections with the people we love are at the heart of a life well-lived. Understanding your own feelings, as well as having empathy for others, allows your relationships to thrive.

This level of emotional wellness leads to easy communication, kindness, generosity, productive problem solving, and authentic intimacy — the foundation of healthy relationships.

If you want stronger connections, investing in EI is the way to build them.

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Success at Work

Emotional intelligence helps you to manage stress, stay motivated, learn new things, and persevere through obstacles.

Healthy work relationships are essential to your career success, and they require a high level of EI.

Emotionally intelligent leaders create empathetic, respectful workplaces where effective communication, creativity, and innovation flourish.

Learn more about EI at work.

Emotional Intelligence Training

What is EI?

There are four components of EI:

1. Understanding your feelings,
2. Managing your feelings effectively,
3. Understanding the hearts & minds of others, and
4. Using that insight to build positive, healthy relationships.

EI skills impact every aspect of life and are essential to love, happiness and success.

Assessing EI

Most of us believe we have much higher EI than others perceive.

Working with a professional through formal EI assessments, couples counseling and coaching, or individual EI coaching uncovers your blind spots and helps you discover new opportunities to grow.

Expert EI Coaching

The expert EI coaches at Growing Self are different: As individual therapists and marriage and family therapists, we understand the psychology of emotional intelligence, as well as evidence-based ways to build EI.

We offer a deeper experience that helps you understand yourself and the people you love the most, cultivate true emotional strength and resilience and build strong, positive relationships in every area of your life.

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