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Career Coaching for Professional Growth

The world needs your gifts — and you deserve a meaningful career that enhances and energizes your life. Our holistic approach to career coaching supports your career development along with your personal growth, to ensurewhole-life fulfillment.

We help you reach inspiring career goals, and design a “life plan” that aligns with your personal priorities, well-being, and most deeply held values.

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Why Growing Self?

We Are Career Development Specialists.

Career coaching at Growing Self is different. Our career coaches are licensed therapists with specialized education and credentials in career counseling and professional development.

Through psychological insight and evidence-based practices, we help you learn and grow on deep levels to achieve both professional success and life satisfaction.

Whether you hope to find your passion and life’s purpose, grow into a great leader, build emotional intelligence, develop your creativity, cultivate wellness and healthy boundaries around work, bounce back from a layoff, or confidently attain your career aspirations — we can help you succeed, from the inside out.

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Our Career Coaching and Career Development Services

Career Coaching For Clarity & Direction

Partnering with a great career coach helps you get clear about your purpose in life and create a smart plan to achieve your professional goals.

You can work with a Denver career coach or an online career coach for career exploration, career changes, and professional development.

Learn more about our Denver career coach and online career coaching services.

Career Counseling to nurture sustainable success

Whether you’re thinking of leaving a job, changing careers, or are just starting out, professional career counseling offers expert guidance to move you forward, personally and professionally.

Since our career counselors are therapists too, they can help you use professional experiences to foster your personal wellbeing: learning to improve communication, balance your job and relationship, set healthy boundaries, manage anxiety, stress and burnout, work through career-related trauma from a toxic workplace, overcome self-limiting core beliefs, and more.

Learn about our Denver career counseling and online career counseling services.

Leadership Coaching for empowered leadership

Our career development specialists can help you grow into a great leader. We can help you learn to manage people effectively and foster healthy professional development in the people you lead.

Our approach emphasizes emotional intelligence, healthy communication, strong relationships, and positive organizational culture for individuals and teams.

Learn about our leadership coaching services.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Success in All Endeavors

Understanding the impact of emotional intelligence and investing in building EI skills leads to stronger relationships, increased wellbeing, and success in all endeavors.

Why? When you know how to manage your own feelings in healthy ways, you persevere through obstacles and make good career decisions. Knowing how to navigate the feelings of others is also key to positive workplace dynamics.

Learn about emotional intelligence coaching for career success.

Career Development Specialists For Whole-Life Success

As we learned in the great resignation, authentic professional success can’t be separated from your overall life satisfaction. Your career goals must be in alignment with your personal life goals and your emotional wellbeing.

Because our career counselors are also therapists, they understand this. We can help you dig deep to connect with your values and develop a career plan that prioritizes your emotional health and personal well-being through every stage of life.

Learn more about our whole-life approach to career development.

Resume Writing + Interview Coaching Communicate Your Value

We specialize in deep professional growth work — but we don’t stop there. Our career coaches also help you build the actionable skills and strategies that lead to professional success.

Mastering the art of resume writing, interview coaching, networking, and salary negotiations helps you showcase your strengths, communicate your value, and achieve the success you deserve.

Learn more about our resume writing and interview coaching services.

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The Perfect Partners For Personal & Professional Growth


Working with us is a positive experience. Our smart, compassionate experts have advanced degrees from the best counseling programs and years of experience helping people change their lives for the better, both personally and professionally.


Our experts help you have “aha moments” that open new doors from within. Our evidence-based approaches to career counseling are designed to help you identify obstacles and successfully work through them — leading to powerful self-awareness and insight.


We understand that insight is not enough.
Real and lasting change happens when we follow insight with effective action.

Our roots are in therapy, but our wings are in coaching — encouraging the active implementation of new skills and strategies that take you to the next level.


Working with us is a meaningful experience — and also an easy one: We are here for you.

Our practice caters to busy, successful professionals. We are available for in-person career counseling in Denver, and online career counseling, too. Early morning, evening, and weekend appointments are available.

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Founder & Clinical Director

Welcome to Growing Self

Hi, I’m Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby. Since 2005, my team and I have been helping people all over the world create love, happiness and success in their lives through positive, effective counseling and coaching. I’m so pleased to be able to help you, too. There is help for you here, and I’m glad you’ve found us.

Our practice, Growing Self Counseling and Coaching, is devoted to your growth and well-being, both personal, and professional. Here on, you’ll find loads of free information and actionable advice that you can start using today to create positive change in yourself, your life, and your career.

Be sure to check out the “Success Collection” of articles and podcasts I put together for you, to support your professional growth: It’s full of free career advice from our career counselors, and also includes resources to support your holistic life design, emotional intelligence, and personal growth too.

Or, if the time is right, you can schedule a free consultation with any of our career counselors to talk about your situation — and, most importantly — your hopes for your future.

Your partner in growth,

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Meet a Few of Our Expert Career Coaches

Colorado Coach and Counselor

Ronni M.


Illuminate Your Possibilities

Meet Ronni: a career counselor, life coach, and individual counselor with a caring personality and a flare for adventure. Whether you want to embark on a new career path, work on personal growth goals, or pursue greater life satisfaction, she’s here to support and motivate you to create positive change.

Susan H. M.A., LPCC

Susan H.


Empathetic, Insightful & Growth-Oriented

Susan specializes in helping clients reach their goals and achieve a sense of purpose and fulfillment. She has a warm, honest, and collaborative style. Whether you’re seeking support in your career, or want to be a better version of yourself, Susan will walk alongside you and support you as you create positive change.

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