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Coping with divorce is one of the most difficult life experiences you can face. A broken marriage breaks your heart, too. You deserve effective support to heal and grow. Our expert divorce counselors know how to help.


We can support and guide you through the stages of divorce,
and help you come out the other side stronger, happier, and healthier than ever before.

Divorce Counseling at
Growing self is different

The divorce counselors, divorce therapists, and divorce coaches of Growing Self are different. Why?

Unlike most therapists, we are
marriage and family therapists: Family systems and relationship specialists with advanced degrees and years of experience in helping individuals, couples, and families achieve personal growth and healthy relationships.

We understand family dynamics, the impact of divorce with kids, and the biologically based nature of love and attachment. We understand the stages of healing and recovery after a relationship loss. We know how to help you heal your heart, and rebuild your life.

For Clarity and Healing

Our Divorce Therapy, Divorce Counseling, & Divorce Coaching Services

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Discernment Counseling

Our marriage and family therapists have specialized training in discernment counseling and discernment coaching: a special type of couples counseling that helps couples on the brink of divorce slow down and move through a guided discovery process to determine whether or not their marriage can be saved.

If so, we can help you stop a divorce and save your marriage. If it’s time to call it quits, we can help you part peacefully and achieve an amicable divorce.

Learn more about discernment counseling.

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Healing From a Broken Heart

Divorce is often agonizing emotionally, especially if you were blindsided by divorce or there was infidelity or betrayal involved.

Even if you initiated the divorce, you can still struggle to stop thinking about your Ex due to the powerful attachment bond that remains, even after the relationship ends.

Our expert therapists know how to help you heal after heartbreak, using the evidence-based strategies developed by our practice founder and award-winning author of “Exaholics: Breaking Your Addiction to Your Ex Love,” Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby.

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Breakup & Divorce Recovery Coaching Group

You can connect with an intimate group of people who understand just how you feel, and get guidance and heartbreak recovery strategies from an expert divorce recovery coach.

In addition to our private divorce counseling and coaching services, we offer an online divorce recovery group.

Learn about our breakup and divorce recovery coaching group.

Post-Divorce Growth

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Kids and Divorce

For many people, the worst part of going through a divorce with kids is knowing that your kids are hurting too — but not knowing how to support them emotionally.

Our marriage and family therapists have insight and expertise into the effects of divorce on children, plus positive parenting and attachment-based parent coaching strategies that can help you and your children grieve losses, heal hearts, and grow hopeful for a positive new chapter.

Family on soccer field, represending divorce counseling for coparenting

Coparenting After Divorce

Separating couples and divorcing parents often struggle to achieve an amicable divorce that becomes the foundation of a healthy coparenting relationship.

Our divorce therapists can help you communicate effectively, prevent parental alienation, and find new systems that allow you to create a positive, secure “new normal” for your children.

Divorce Counseling for Personal Growth & Healthy Relationships

Going through a divorce can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth. Connecting with a divorce therapist helps you dig deep so you can learn and grow from this experience.

We can help you release anger and regret, repair your self-esteem, build positive new relationships, and cultivate a strong emotional foundation as you move forward.

Flourish & Thrive After Divorce

Divorce Coaching Services for Life Design

The divorce counselors at Growing Self are more than skilled marriage and family therapists and heartbreak recovery experts — we have specialized expertise in empowering life coaching, too.

When you’re ready to rebuild, we can help you create clarity and confidence to design your future. Then, we’ll help you attain it through positive, empowering life coaching strategies. Learn about Denver life coaching and online Life Coaching.

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Career Coaching Services

After divorce, many people are left with new financial realities — plus new opportunities and motivation to recalibrate their careers.

You can connect with a Growing Self career development specialist who can support your professional growth and help you achieve your career aspirations.

Learn about our career coaching services.

Dating After Divorce

If and when you’re ready to start dating after divorce, we can help you create a healthy new relationship and the lifetime of love that you’ve always deserved.

Learn about our dating coaching services.

Growing Self Divorce Counseling in Denver and Online

Denver Divorce Counseling

Our practice is based in Denver, Colorado. You can meet with a Denver therapist at one of our metro-Denver office locations: Denver and Broomfield.

Online Divorce Coaching

We offer online coaching for divorce to people across the US and around the world through secure online video.

Effective Help

Our divorce counselors are marriage and family therapists with specialized training and experience in evidence-based counseling and coaching strategies to help you heal and grow after divorce.

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