Growing Self Brand & Style Guide


Color Logo

Color logo should only be used on white.

White Logo

White logo should be used on color backgrounds that are dark enough for it to be clearly seen. Ex: Do not use the white logo on a light pink background.

Logo Black

White Logo

Color, Typography, Photography & Illustration

As you click around the site you’ll see how color, typography, photography & illustration are used together to help our users navigate the services we offer, as well present a visual for outcomes that our visitors are seeking.

Love #F08E80

Color used for Couples Counseling & Coaching and Premarital Counseling Services





Happiness #8FBA02

Color used for Therapy & Life Coaching Services





Success #F6A83B

Color used for Career Coaching Services





Headline with subhead – Aligned Center – Typically used layered on top of photographs

Roboto 100 64px – 90px

Roboto Regular 32px

Overline and Headline with divider

Roboto 300

Roboto Regular

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