Grow With Us: Join Our Team.

  • Are you an incredibly talented and effective therapist who routinely has clients that your unique blend of empathy and expertise has helped them create transformational change?
  • Do you feel like you were put on this earth to help people heal, grow, reach their fullest potential, and create healthy relationships with others… and with themselves?
  • Are you a couples counselor who believes in love, and knows how to help couples repair their bond, cultivate compassion for each other, and make lasting positive changes in their relationship?
  • Or are you a career counselor who's mission in life is to help others get clarity about THEIR mission in life… and then help them achieve their ideal reality, step-by-step?
  • Have you invested in the types of high-quality, evidence-based educational training and professional experiences that have prepared you to be genuinely helpful and effective to people on a quest for Love, Happiness and Success?
  • If so… we should talk.

Growing Self Counseling and Coaching is a positive, ethical, mission-driven group private practice that fosters health, wellness, and growth in our clinicians as well as in our clients.

We are a collective of growth-oriented, passionate and deeply caring professionals who value providing excellent, genuinely meaningful services to our clients as well as creating a positive, growth-promoting community with each other. Because our collective is all about amazing people, we carefully vet every clinician interested in joining our group practice to ensure that our practitioners are the best of the best in every way. We only invite practitioners who have robust education, credentials, and work experience in practicing genuinely effective evidence-based approaches to counseling and coaching… and who are also genuinely kind, intelligent, and generous helpers who can create meaningful growth experiences for our clients and for each other.

Our practice emphasis community, continuing education, and is highly supportive in every way.  Because our key priority is people, and ensuring that our clients and our clinicians have an incredibly meaningful, valuable, and positive experience with us, our practice is naturally and organically growing.  We have a high demand for our services, and have opportunities for well-qualified marriage counselors, therapists and career counselors who specialize in our core services to join our thriving practice.

Our practice is based in Denver, Colorado but we serve clients across the United States and internationally, and have a community of wonderful providers practicing in many different locations. If you're an effective, community-minded therapist seeking a positive environment where you’ll be respected, supported, and encouraged to create a healthy work / life balance, Growing Self Counseling and Coaching may be a good fit for your personal and professional goals.

At the present time we are particularly interested in connecting with for practitioners licensed (or working towards licensure) in Texas, California, Washington, Missouri, Indiana, New York, Georgia, and Massachusetts, but we will always make room for talent and heart. If you have strong skills in evidence-based marriage and family therapy or a specialization in career counseling, and a genuine heart for helping great people create love, happiness and success… we'd love to meet you.

Please review the information below about our practice, and the criteria we require when evaluating private practice candidates. If this is congruent with your background and expertise, and our practice feels like a good fit for you, we invite you to submit your information. We'll follow up with you to schedule a first call, and begin the process of getting to know each other.

Your partners in growth, 

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby & The Growing Self Team


“I have to pinch myself sometimes, that I have been so successful in doing the work I love every day. This is a dream job, and I feel so lucky to be part of this group.”

Kathleen Stutts, M.Ed., N.C.C., LPC

— With Growing Self Since 2015

About Growing Self

Who we are and what we're about: Growing Self Counseling and Coaching a an energizing, positive, collaborative group private practice in which we see motivated, high-functioning clients who primarily present seeking help with their relationships, a desire for personal growth, or a hope to make positive changes in their lives or careers. We specialize in helping our clients create love, happiness and success. Our core specialties are couples counseling and related services, career counseling, life coaching, and growth-oriented individual therapy for adults.

Our practice was founded in 2005 in Denver, Colorado and has offered online counseling and coaching services since 2010. We have several office locations in the Denver, Colorado area (Cherry Creek, DTC, Broomfield and Fort Collins) and have a strong presence across the US and internationally through online video.

Who We Partner With.

 We seek to partner with effective and genuinely caring professionals who are well qualified to provide excellent couples counseling, career coaching and therapy services to amazing, high-functioning, motivated clients in a private practice setting.

We look for candidates with a master's degree or doctorate from reputable, accredited (CACREP, COAMFTE, or APA) university programs that provided them with specialized training in either marriage and family therapy or career development, as well as the ability to help individual clients on a path of personal growth and positive change through evidence-based counseling and coaching strategies.

We prefer to partner with clinicians who are available to grow their caseload to at least 16-24 or more clients per week, are interested in the opportunity to meet with clients in-person as well as online, are interested in developing a long-term partnership with our group, and who relish the idea of continuing to learn, grow, and develop as helping professionals.

Professional Qualifications:

We bring our clients meaningful, valuable help by providing excellent, ethical, and compassionate care from highly educated, well-trained experts who practice evidence-based forms of counseling and coaching.

To ensure that our clients receive the best, we partner with practitioners who have the following credentials and professional expertise:

  • (For MFT jobs such as couples therapy and relationship coaching) Have a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (or MFT emphasis), ideally from a CACREP, COAMFTE or APA accredited university, and/or a significant amount of post-graduate training in evidence-based forms of couples counseling such as the Gottman Method or EFCT.
  • (For career coach jobs, LPC jobs, and online therapy jobs) Have a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Career Development, or a Master's in counseling psychology, ideally from a CACREP, or APA accredited university, and/or significant post-graduate training and experience in career development or other areas relevant to our client's needs.
  • Are licensed or eligible for licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist (for couples counselors and MFT jobs) or LPC / LMHC (for career coaching jobs, online therapy jobs, and LPC jobs).
  • In addition to competence with couples counseling and/or career counseling, our ideal candidates also possess general practitioner abilities to assess and effectively help individual clients with a wide variety of presenting concerns such as personal growth issues, life transitions, communication skills, goal achievement, and mild mental health concerns such as adjustment issues, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and grief and loss.
  • Have competence and comfort with technology, electronic record-keeping systems, online video conferencing and online correspondence
  • Possess excellent relationship-building skills, professionalism with clients and colleagues, strong organizational and time management skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, and are responsive to team members and clients.
  • Are personally committed to continuing education and professional development opportunities.
  • Have the ability (and desire) to work independently, but who also seek support and consultation when needed.
  • Feel excited about the opportunity to be an active part of our group private practice: Developing warm, collaborative relationships with other professionals on our team, and also sharing your voice and wisdom through articles on the blog at
  • Coach training and / or certification is a plus, but not required. (We provide training in this area).

“I feel very lucky to have found Growing Self. They provide a very supportive work environment. I am able to voice my thoughts or concerns. They take care of all the pieces of being a therapist that are not my strong suit—marketing, billing, and building a community of resources.  It has allowed me to focus on what I love—my clients and becoming a better clinician.”

Brenda Fahn, M.A., LMFT

— With Growing Self Since 2015

Things To Know About Us:

We Support Happy, Healthy Helpers.

In addition to our dedication to providing a supportive, transformative environment for our counseling and coaching clients, Growing Self is just as committed to supporting talented, passionate counselors and coaches in excelling at the work they love.

Our contractors get the benefit of our marketing, billing, insurance submissions and administration systems. We connect you with a stable stream of great clients, help you build your ideal caseload, and assist you in creating your optimum work / life balance. As part of our supportive group, you are free to focus on the meaningful, satisfying work that you do best.

Perhaps more importantly, working with us allows you to create your own schedule and take unlimited time off. You can also see clients both in-person, and online. This empowers you to have flexibility in your schedule, be there for your family, practice good self-care, travel, enjoy your life, and create the work / life balance that is so critical for anyone in the helping professions.

We Offer Full-Time Pay For Part-Time Hours.

We are all about showing up authentically and generously for our clients and have the same attitude towards our colleagues. Our goal is for you to love this group as much as we do, and feel valued, appreciated, and excited about practicing your craft every day.

Our compensation is generous and based on your education, years of experience, licensure, specialties, and certifications. Our contractors generally build robust caseloads quickly, and have enormous earning potential.

Most of our colleagues earn significantly more working a few days a week in our private practice than they would working full-time in an agency setting.

We Grow Together.

Because we are a team of helpers who are genuinely committed to being as effective as possible with our clients, we provide many opportunities for continuing education and professional development, including:

  • Monthly team trainings on a variety of relevant topics that help you continue learning, growing and expanding your skill-set.
  • Engaging consultation groups that allow you to get support and perspective from other inspiring professionals.
  • Individual and group supervision opportunities for pre-licensed professionals.
  • Access to proprietary training, evidence-based coaching tools and techniques, and our vast resources so that you can feel even more confident and effective in helping your clients achieve their most precious goals for themselves, their families, and their relationships.

“Growing Self has allowed me to work in a private practice setting while still supporting my need for community and a network of other therapists. Having access to the other amazing and talented clinicians in this group has been invaluable in my own growth. Growing Self has allowed me to focus on what I truly love, which is being in session with my clients, without feeling bogged down by the administrative side of running a practice. I have loved being a part of this practice over the past 6 years!”

Jessica Small, M.A., LMFT

— with Growing Self since 2014

Are We a Match?

The first step to connect with us is to let us know about you and your professional experiences through our online form below. You will also be invited to upload your CV or Resume and a Cover Letter.
The process will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.
We look forward to hearing from you!

– Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby and The Growing Self Team