Your Online Dating Profile Photo Matters, Here’s Why…

In online dating, your image matters.

In fact, any competent dating coach will tell you one thing: Your photo is THE most important part of your online dating profile.

You can be witty, you can be interesting, you can be accomplished. You can tantalize your intended reader with funny anecdotes about your scuba diving trip, passion for gourmet cooking, and lust for adventure. You can spend weeks polishing your profile statement to a high gloss, thoughtfully placing each comma and dash.

And yet, none of your efforts matter at all if your photo is not excellent and intentional. It is your profile photo that will make or break your success in online dating. Photos of you in a baseball hat and sunglasses, you reclining on your comfy afghan-draped couch, you holding a fish (or a beer) and squinting into the sun, or — my favorite — your “mirror selfie,” will seal your fate.

Your ideal person will never even look at your humorous, thoughtful, and interesting profile statement. Their eyes will slide right over your enticing profile headline. They will only see the fish, or the afghan, or the sunglasses, or the shower curtain reflected in the mirror behind you. They will make a snap judgment about you and your worth as a person, and will move on. Sad, but true.

So, a little advice from an online dating coach, choose your profile picture intentionally and thoughtfully.

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