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I believe that the relationships we have with ourselves and others are at the heart of health and happiness. Because relationships are so important, it is my passion and my pleasure to help you reach harmony and happiness in whatever relationship you’re seeking to improve — be it with yourself, or with others.

My approach is warm, open, direct, and — above all — kind. If you and I work together, my number one priority is to have you feel emotionally safe with me and that you can be authentic and open. If our work together in counseling and coaching is to be successful, you need to feel safe to say whatever is on your mind and in your heart, knowing I hold unconditional positive regard for you no matter what. 

I’ve been told by past clients that they can feel my warmth and kindness when working with me, and that they felt able to establish rapport quickly and build a strong sense of connection. I bring a fresh perspective to your issues, as well as a unique thought process that helps you uncover blind-spots and achieve new insights. Plus, I’m a determined person, and will never give up in my quest to help you achieve your goals. 

Past clients have shared that they appreciated my positivity and the humor I bring to our relationship. (I believe that personal growth can be fun!)  

Here’s more about me, and how I can help you. 

Individual Therapy and Life Coaching

If you’re seeking to get involved in life coaching or therapy for yourself,  I can help with issues surrounding identity, sexuality, personal growth, anxiety, depression, trauma, relational issues with others, self-esteem, and life transitions. 

I feel my understanding of my own background plus my academic and clinical training (specifically around multicultural considerations and discrimination) helps me work with clients who have confusion around their identity and cultural background, as well as better understand the impact of how culture, race, and many other factors intersect and impact us as a whole. I understand what it is like to be confused about ‘what box to check' on applications, what it's like to experience microaggressions, and be stereotyped. I also understand the power of representation and working with someone who looks like you or shares a cultural identity.

To help you learn and grow, I’ll meet and accept you where you are, and together, we’ll uncover and harness your existing strengths to help you achieve your goals. I can help you gain a deeper insight into yourself, how you came to be shaped into the person you are today, and what drives your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. 

After gaining a deeper awareness of who you already are, we’ll work together to use realistic strategies to reach attainable goals that feel good for you. I’ll walk beside you at your own pace, confident that you’re the ultimate expert on yourself.

My hope is that, through our work together, you’ll feel heard, seen, accepted and valued for who you truly are. This acceptance, paradoxically, becomes the foundation for real and lasting change. We’ll also talk about skills, strategies, and new ideas as you’re ready: I want you to have powerful, positive tools you can use and practice in your daily life, as well as a more compassionate relationship with yourself and others.

Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Premarital Counseling & Relationship Coaching

In addition to my work as a therapist and life coach for teens and individuals, I love working with couples. If you’re seeking to make positive changes in your relationship, I can help you with communication skills, conflict resolution, feeling more secure and connected, healing your relationship after infidelity, issues related to intimacy and sexuality, parenting together, increasing your emotional connection, and establishing shared values and goals. I also thoroughly enjoy doing premarital counseling with couples seeking to establish a strong foundation for a happy, healthy marriage. I work from my own premarital program that I have designed based on my training and experience, and infuses core skills and topics that I view as critically important to address to set a marriage up for success.

I start successful marriage counseling and couples therapy by helping couples address their issues directly, and helping each person feel heard and respected. I do not “take sides” but rather help you both get to the heart of the matter, see things from each other’s perspective, and identify core values or beliefs that they may not be aware are contributing to conflict or hurt.

I use my kindness and openness to create a safe space for both of you to be vulnerable with me and each other. My approach is also effective and direct; I’ll be guiding you through exercises and teaching you new skills that you’ll practice in our sessions so that you can do them outside of sessions too. 

My approach in couples counseling is very positive: If we work together we’ll be talking about the strengths that each of you bring to the table, as well as your strengths as a couple. By being mindful of each other’s strengths — as well as your “growth opportunities” — you can better understand each other and find ways of playing on your strengths to achieve your goals as a couple. I will help you to identify the negative patterns your relationship may be vulnerable to falling into, where you get stuck in conflict, and I’ll work alongside you as you learn how to break out of them and bring positive, healthy communication back into your interactions.

After working with me, couples often have a deeper and stronger emotional connection, which in turn can lead to higher physical connection as well. Couples gain more skills and strategies to navigate conflict and have better communication, and also feel more secure in their friendship as a couple. After working with me, couples can experience less conflict, or know how to “fight better” where discussions end with being productive and safe. My couples often leave me having a more defined couple identity or story, and can recognize how family history or other external influences shape(d) them.

Therapy For Adolescents

In addition to helping adults heal and grow, I love working as a Denver therapist for teens and adolescents. I know that being a teenager is hard, and it can make a world of difference to have someone in your corner who listens and understands how uniquely difficult this period of life can be. 

With adolescents, I can help with issues such as anxiety, depression, parental conflict, goal planning, self-esteem, and other relevant issues that may present in daily life. I use my warmth and kindness to help my teen clients feel comfortable, but also my authenticity and humor to build trust and rapport. I like to use exercises and interventions that examine mental processes which may be relevant to the problem (such as thoughts, emotion, and behavior patterns), teach communication and conflict resolution skills, and also foster more compassion and self-love, as well as self-care tips.

After working with me, my teen clients can experience more happiness and ease in their relationships, have a clearer sense of self and identity, and have improved self-care skills. My teen clients often leave with skills and techniques they can take with them and use throughout their life, setting them up for success in this period which is a catalyst for the future.

About Me

I received my Master of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy at Colorado State University. I am trained in Level 1 and 2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and in my work as a therapist have worked with couples, families, and individuals around issues such as: depression, anxiety, and other mental health diagnoses, trauma processing/recovery, communication, infidelity, parenting, suicide and self-harm, stress management, post-partum anxiety and depression, body image, sexuality issues (LGBTQ inclusive and sensitive), and I have also worked extensively with adolescents.

I completed my master’s thesis on racial discrimination and its harmful effects on the body, and as someone who identifies as a Puerto Rican and Mexican woman, being a culturally competent and sensitive therapist is a core value of mine. I take joy in working with clients of all backgrounds, but I also prize the unique alliance and perspective I can provide when working with clients of color. 

I have a passion for social justice and working to dismantle the systemic “isms” in and outside of the office. I am aware of current literature of how racism and discrimination impact BIPOC both mentally and physically, and staying current on that information is a top priority for me professionally and personally. Along with identity exploration and intersectionality issues, I feel my background and training helps me work from a common understanding of the BIPOC experience in America, and the many systemic and socialization factors that can impact individuals and couples where one or both people is a BIPOC.

I live with my partner, and our big black lab, Morrison! I love to cook all different cuisines of food, read, and watch movies. I also enjoy painting, exercising, as well as listening to music and going to concerts.

I’m available to meet with you in-person at our Denver, Colorado (Cherry Creek) and Denver Tech Center (Greenwood Village, Colorado) office locations, as well as through online video.


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  • Denver, Colorado
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  • 844.331.1993

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