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Because Great Marriages Are Grown

The Best Premarital Counseling in Denver

Great marriages don’t just happen. They are cultivated, tended to, and grown with intention.

Our Denver premarital counseling is a meaningful experience that does more than check a box: It helps you both grow. With us, you’ll be working with an experienced marriage and family therapist, a true relationship expert who is highly qualified to help you proactively address relationship issues before they become problems, teach you the healthy relationship skills that every marriage needs, and help you both learn and grow together.

What You’ll Learn in Premarital Counseling With Growing Self

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Learn how to communicate effectively and work through conflict constructively.

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Create alignment around important topics, like money and parenting.

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Discover how to keep the passion alive through all the stages of your relationship.

Premarital Counseling at Growing Self

Denver Premarital Counseling

Our Denver premarital counselors help you resolve differences, talk about money and marriage, build healthy communication skills, address your emotional and sexual intimacy, make a game plan for parenting (or blended family marriages) in order to prevent future problems, and keep your relationship strong.

Meet with your premarital counselor in Denver or Broomfield. If you prefer the convenience of meeting online, we also offer virtual premarital counseling.

Our Premarital Course

Our “Lifetime of Love” premarital course is an online, six-hour, live class that teaches premarital couples the essentials:

– How to communicate effectively & manage conflict
– Keep the romance alive for years to come, and
– Get in alignment around important topics.

No “sharing” is required in the class, but you can benefit from group discussion around common relationship issues. And, bonus, you’ll receive “homework” to support your relationship’s growth.

The class is taught by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in evidence-based premarital counseling. The Premarital Course is held through online video. Learn more here: Lifetime of Love Premarital Course.

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Gift Premarital Counseling

Couples getting married receive many expensive wedding gifts, but many don’t get the chance to invest in what matters most: laying the foundation for a happy, healthy marriage. In-depth, meaningful premarital counseling with a relationship expert is inexpensive, yet the single most valuable gift you can give.

If you’re thinking of gifting a couple with premarital counseling, they are so lucky to have your support.

Here’s how to gift premarital counseling.

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