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Understanding Depression

Depression tries to rob you of hope and trick you into believing that things can‘t improve. But you know better. You’re stronger than depression, and that’s why you’re here, exploring therapy for depression.

You’re in the right place. We take a thoughtful, evidence-based approach to depression therapy to ensure positive outcomes. Through Denver therapy or online therapy, we can help you feel good again.

Effective Therapy for Depression

Sometimes, feelings of depression illuminate a need to heal from the past or change something in your present. Or, you may simply have a biological predisposition to “the blues” or depressive episodes that require self-awareness, treatment, and management.

We can help you understand the root of your depression, then tailor an action plan that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and natural remedies for depression that move you back toward happiness.

Help and Hope for Depression

Heal the Past

Sometimes, unfinished business with the past leads to feelings of grief, anxiety, sadness, or stuckness in the present.

Our compassionate therapists can help you explore the origins of the guilt, shame, low self-esteem, or grief that you may be carrying.

Through gentle, emotionally safe, evidence-based growth experiences, this type of depression therapy helps you heal your past, get out of a funk, and move forward into your bright future.

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Change Your Present

Sometimes, dark feelings are actually your healthy emotional guidance system telling you it’s time to make positive changes in your present.

Because our therapists also specialize in coaching, we can help you identify whether your “depression” requires treatment… or it’s internal wisdom worth listening to.

If so, we’ll help you create an action plan to improve your health, circumstances, relationships, or career — and build a life that you genuinely feel happy about.

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Build Your Future

Clinical depression is common, and it’s treatable. Millions of people have sought help for depression and now have great lives. You can, too.

Effective, evidence-based treatment for depression takes a multi-dimensional approach and may include cognitive-behavioral and systemic therapies that support your mind/body wellness, and your mental, emotional, relational, and physical wellbeing.

Don’t let depression take your power away. Take the first step towards the happy, healthy future you want, and deserve.

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