Dori B.

M.S., S.A.S., M.A.C.A.

Nurturing Emotional & Sexual Intimacy

Meet Dori: a kind, empathetic couples counselor, individual therapist, and life coach with specialized education and certification in sex therapy. Her friendly style makes it easy to talk about anything, and her solution-focused approach helps you build a bright new future of intimacy and connection.

“Dori helped us so much. Over multiple discussions, she helped us gain insights into what the other person was truly thinking and feeling, and what we were afraid to admit, too. She also gave us a collection of tools to try when things get tough. The combination of all these things has helped...

- Couples Counseling Client

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Therapist Overview

Hi, I’m Dori, a couples counsellor, sex therapist specializing in online professional sex therapy, life coach, and intimacy coach. I work with couples and individuals to help them lead more fulfilling, satisfying, and meaningful lives. I can help you improve your physical and emotional connection with your partner, as well as your communication and sense of unity as a couple.

I have experience helping individuals navigate tough life transitions, like a breakup or divorce, as well as overcome difficult life experiences. I also have expertise in ADHD coaching. My approach is positive, compassionate, and focused on helping you create the life you want.

Couples Counseling + Sex Therapy

In my couples counselling and sex therapy practice, I utilize the PACT principles developed by Dr. Stan Tatkin. These principles incorporate three scientific concepts:

Neuroscience – which helps us understand how people act and react within relationships.

Attachment theory – which explains how bonds we formed in childhood influence our relationships in adulthood.

Biology of the human arousal – which describes our ability to manage our energy, alertness, and readiness to engage in various scenarios in our relationships.

During our time together, I will utilize these and other counselling and coaching techniques to guide you towards positive change and restore sexual intimacy.

Individual Therapy + Life Coaching

I am committed to creating a safe environment where the subject of sexual, relational, and other personal concerns can be discussed freely and openly, at your own pace and time. I endeavor to empower all my clients to optimize their intimacy and sexual health, while also addressing any personal or relational concerns.

I have been told I am a friendly, compassionate, and empathetic listener and have an ability to make my clients feel safe and comfortable even when discussing some potentially uncomfortable subjects.

As a result of my studies and years of counselling experience, I am able to help you with a wide range of issues. We can work together to identify if coaching or counselling will be the best fit for you. Through counselling, I can support you in addressing mental health concerns, such as anxiety, and through coaching I am able to assist you in developing a plan of action and building a skills to achieve individual and relational goals.

I am able to provide counselling services to clients located in Australia and coaching services to clients located anywhere. Learn more about the differences between coaching and counselling and which approach is right for you.

If you are currently experiencing any of the following concerns, I can help you uncover the origin of the problem and help you come to a sustainable resolution:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Communication Difficulties / Frequent Arguing
  • Commitment Issues
  • Feelings of Jealousy or Insecurity
  • Distress Following a Breakup
  • Dating Problems
  • Intimacy Concerns
  • Mismatched Libidos
  • Low Sexual Desire Levels
  • Pain During Intercourse
  • Arousal/Orgasmic Difficulties
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Premature/Delayed Ejaculation
  • Other Issues Relating to Sexuality

Whether we work together in a coaching or counselling capacity, I tailor my approach to meet your needs. I draw upon a Solution-Focused orientation to get to the heart of your concerns and map a clearly defined pathway forward. All of our work will be specifically tailored to your goals, with the intention of helping you reclaim your confidence, pleasure, intimacy, and fulfillment.

I am a firm believer that everyone has the capability to grow and reach their full potential. I work with your existing strengths to help you achieve the growth and positive change you desire.

ADHD coaching for Adults

Coaching for ADHD is an intervention that complements medication and other non-pharmacologic alternatives. It specifically targets the core impairments of ADHD, such as planning, time management, goal setting, organization, and problem solving.

I work collaboratively with my clients who have ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms to address their specific needs and personal goals. We also address the academic, vocational, social, emotional and interpersonal difficulties that their symptoms of ADHD might impact, and find ways to overcome challenges in any of these areas. During our sessions, I provide precise and practical suggestions to address specific challenges my clients might face, as well as providing encouragement and feedback. I like to practice kind accountability, so that my clients feel supported instead of judged and can follow through and achieve their goals. Some other ways I can help my ADHD coaching clients:

  • Getting organised
  • Get to places on time
  • Hit deadlines
  • Manage distractibility
  • Manage hyperactivity and motor restlessness
  • Manage hyperfocus
  • Manage procrastination and avoidance
  • Staying focused
  • Better time management

If, over the course of our coaching work, you have a need for therapy or counseling, I will make a referral.

About Dori

Dori holds dual master’s degrees: A master of science degree in counselling and a master of science in medicine (reproductive and sexual health). Dori is a Member of the Australian Counselling Association (MACA) and a Member of the Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS). She is based out of Sydney, Australia and is available to meet with you internationally through online video.

Dori is fluent in both English and Hungarian.


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