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“It’s In Your Moments of Decision that Your Destiny is Shaped.” — Tony Robbins

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Achieve Personal Growth

Therapy offers new insight and self-awareness. But then what?

Our positive, empowering Denver life coaches help you turn insight into action, illuminate your blind spots, and seize your opportunities for personal growth.

We help you develop the skills and strategies to create the life you want — in yourself, your career, and your relationships.

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Embrace Happiness

If self-limiting beliefs and internal obstacles are holding you back, our Denver life coaches can help you move forward fearlessly.

By blending powerful, evidence-based tools with a positive coaching framework, we’ll help you find new ways of being that lead to personal growth and authentic happiness.

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Build Your Success

What does success mean to you? Our Denver life and career coaches can help you answer that question — and then design a plan to make that vision your reality.

Our holistic approach to life coaching and career development helps you grow personally and professionally, so you can design a healthy work-life balance based on your deepest values, meaning, and purpose.

Our Life Coaches Are Different

If you’re Googling around for a life coach in Denver Co, here’s a dirty secret you should know before you hire a coach: Coaching is a completely unregulated profession and there is zero training, education, or credentialing required to call yourself a coach… so most coaches have none.

The coaches at Growing Self are completely different. All of our Denver life coaches are therapists who have pursued coach training after completing advanced degrees in counseling psychology and are qualified to provide both therapy and coaching. This allows us to take you deeper and help you create real and lasting change.

We use only research-backed, evidence-based approaches to coaching that help you grow, create positive change, and reach your most important goals for yourself, your career, and your relationships.

When you choose a Denver life coach with Growing Self, you can rest assured that you’re working with a qualified, legitimate, and competent coach who truly understands how to help you move forward.

Our Denver Life Coaches Help You…

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Find Clarity and Direction

What were you put on this earth to do? What brings you meaning and joy? When are you at your very best? What is your “flow?”

Our powerful approach to life coaching helps you get the clarity and motivation to start moving forward.

We’ll help you gain insight and uncover your hidden obstacles, connect to your authentic self, and create a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.

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Cultivate Love

Our life coaches help you reconnect with your deepest values and cultivate loving and healthy relationships in every area of your life.

We offer evidence-based relationship coaching, dating coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, divorce and breakup recovery coaching, and more.

Life Coaching at Growing Self Is Easy

Personalized Coaching and Counseling

Our highly-skilled Denver life coaches can provide evidence-based Denver therapy, or action-oriented life coaching, depending on your unique needs.

Not sure which approach is right for you? Our experts will help clarify your hopes and goals and recommend the best path forward.

Effective, Affordable Growth Work

We believe personal growth work should be both valuable and affordable.

Working with us is a priceless investment in yourself and in your future. Our positive, productive approach to personal growth helps you get game-changing results in the most important parts of your life.

Flexible, Convenient Appointments

Our clients are successful, busy people. We offer morning, evening, or weekend appointments to fit your schedule.

We offer in-person Denver life coaching and have offices in Denver and Broomfield. If you travel or have a busy schedule, it’s no problem: We offer online life coaching sessions too.

Start Today

Questions? Get in touch! Growing Self is a vibrant group private practice full of caring humans, here for you. To learn more or connect with one of our experts, call, chat, or email us any time.

If you’re ready to start, book your free consultation.

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Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby Founder & Clinical Director
Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
Founder & Clinical Director

Growing Self Counseling and Coaching was founded in 2005 by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, starting in a tiny office in the Capitol Hill area of Denver. Dr. Bobby is a Denver psychologist with dual licensure as a marriage and family therapist, as well as credentialing as a board-certified coach.

Our practice has grown to include a close-knit community of carefully vetted therapists who provide coaching across the US and internationally — but we are still based in Denver. We have offices in Denver and Broomfield and a diverse team of highly effective life coaches in Denver, Co with a variety of specialties.

Let us help you find the right Denver life coach for you!

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We are here for you! Our connection coordinator Jennelle is ready to support you on your journey of growth.

If you have questions about our services, would like recommendations about which expert is right for you, or need help scheduling a first appointment, please contact us by live chat, email, text, or phone.