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Powerful Online Couples Counseling.

Couples counseling with Growing Self is a deep, empowering experience that helps you learn, heal, and grow together, from the comfort of your own home.

Couples Counseling Made Easy

Happy, healthy relationships make life worth living. With powerful online couples counseling, you can nurture your relationship and invest in your future together without leaving home.

No driving, no babysitter, no traffic. Long-distance relationship? No problem.

Effective Online Relationship Help

Research shows that evidence-based online couples counseling, relationship coaching, and premarital counseling with a marriage and family therapist are just as effective as in-person Denver marriage counseling, and sometimes even more so.

Learn why our online marriage counseling and couples therapy work so well.

Our Expert Approach to Couples Counseling

Our couples counselors are different. We are marriage and family therapists with extensive, specialized education and experience in helping couples grow together. We are also experts in online relationship counseling, offering virtual marriage counseling, couples therapy, and relationship coaching since 2012.

We use evidence-based approaches to couples counseling virtually, including Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method. Our positive, productive approach helps you strengthen your bond, improve your communication, and build an enjoyable, satisfying connection.

Powerful Relationship Growth, Available Online

Our Online Relationship Counseling Services

All our relationship counseling services are available in person at our Denver, Colorado offices, as well as online.

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Online Marriage Counseling

The happiest couples know every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Online marriage counseling and couples counseling helps you release negative perceptions and unhelpful relationship expectations so you can create a happy, healthy relationship where love and respect will flourish.

Our relationship experts help you change difficult patterns, turn towards each other, and strengthen your emotional bond: Helping you get your needs met in your relationship, and experience the care and connection you deserve.

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Online Relationship Coaching

To make a good relationship great, every couple needs to work together with intention. Online relationship coaching is the most direct route to fixing communication problems, helping you learn how to speak each other’s love language.

Through online relationship coaching, you’ll learn new skills to create positive, lasting change in your relationship.

Online Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling lays the groundwork for a happy, enduring marriage. Online premarital counseling allows you to do this invaluable work at your convenience.

Our meaningful, in-depth premarital counseling helps you explore your expectations, your relationship’s strengths, and growth opportunities, and then reach agreement about important issues.

Then, you’ll learn the healthy relationship habits and practical tips for productive communication that every couple needs to create a lifetime of love together.

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Long-Distance Couples Therapy

Being in a long-distance relationship shouldn’t hold you back from getting the expert relationship support you deserve.

You and your partner can meet with your couples therapist through secure online video, which helps you strengthen your relationship and stay connected… no matter the distance.

Even better, our relationship experts have expertise in working with long-distance couples. Learn more about our long-distance couples counseling services.

The Benefits of Online Couples Counseling


We conduct all of our online couples counseling and online therapy sessions through secure, HIPAA-compliant online video, and uphold the highest ethical standards to ensure your privacy and confidentiality — always.


Our online video platform allows us to meet with you both, whether you’re together or apart. That way, online couples counseling sessions fit into your life.


Our online video platform is easy to use. You’ll get a secure meeting link from your counselor or coach to use for every session. You can use it from your laptop, tablet, or phone with zero hassle.


Our evidence-based couples counseling gives you an actionable roadmap to making real and lasting change — not just talking about it. Our approach is positive, empowering, and effective.

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