Valentine’s Day is a Troublemaker.

Yes, it can be fun and sweet and sexy, but it can also be a pain in the ass. Frankly, Valentine’s Day can create drama coming and going: People are anxious about how things are going to be received, and then if someone’s Valentine’s Day dreams are dashed relationships need to recover in the aftermath.

So I decided to make a podcast talking about the potential pitfalls of Valentine’s Day: Anxiety and Expectations, and how to negotiate them in order to have a genuinely happy day with each other this year.

Listen, and learn how to take your power back from V-Day, how to manage anxiety around gift-giving, how to create a Valentine’s Experience for your honey that WILL be successful, and how to manage any hurt feelings you might harbor if your day didn’t live up to your hopes.

With lots of love to you this Valentine’s Day — Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

How to Have a Genuinely Happy Valentine’s Day: Listen Now