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We understand: Nothing is more important than your relationships. Our relationship experts are true relationship specialists: marriage and family therapists with years of specialized education and experience helping individuals, couples, and families create healthy relationships with their partners, friends, family, coworkers… and themselves.

Here’s how we help you grow, and build the healthy relationships you want, and deserve.

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Healthy Self-Esteem

Our productive approach to building healthy relationships starts with the foundation: Building a positive, affirming relationship with yourself. This is the first step in creating healthy, secure relationships with others.

Working with a Growing Self life coach or Denver therapist helps you build your self-esteem and self-acceptance, feel more confident, and reach a place of authentic self-love.

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Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Healthy, meaningful relationships are essential to an authentically happy life. But they don’t just happen; they’re cultivated.

Our online relationship experts help you create the loving relationships you deserve with your friends, family, coworkers, and partner through relationship coaching, couples therapy, marriage counseling, premarital counseling, dating coaching, parent coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, leadership coaching, emotional intelligence coaching at work, and more.

Why Choose Growing Self?

Our healthy relationship experts are different. Most therapists have had, at best, one graduate-level class in couples and family therapy. They were trained to diagnose and treat mental illness, not strengthen relationships.

In contrast, we are marriage and family therapists, meaning that we have specialized education and training in relational dynamics and years of experience in helping individuals, couples, and families cultivate strong, healthy relationships.

Plus, while we can and do provide effective, evidence-based therapy, we also incorporate positive, powerful coaching techniques designed to help you actively create positive changes in your day-to-day interactions.

We are relationship specialists. If your goal is to create healthy, satisfying connections… you’re in the right place.

Our Healthy Relationship Services For
Couples & Families

Powerful Premarital Counseling

Evidence-based, high-quality premarital counseling with an expert marriage and family therapist sets your marriage up for success.

We help you build healthy relationship skills and proactively address important issues so you can enjoy a lifetime of love.

Learn about our premarital counseling services.

Helping Couples Grow Together

Cultivating a strong, healthy, and emotionally-safe relationship with your partner makes everything else work.

We provide expert marriage counseling, couples therapy and relationship coaching to strengthen your bond, revitalize emotional and sexual intimacy, improve communication, and help you love your relationship. We provide Denver couples therapy and online couples counseling too.

Learn about our relationship counseling services.

Helping Families Thrive

Your healthy, happy family is the foundation of emotional well-being and life satisfaction.
Our marriage and family therapists are experts in family systems. We provide parent coaching, marriage counseling, blended family counseling, and more.

Whether you are in the process of building a family, going through a difficult transition such as a divorce, or simply wanting to have stronger, healthier connections with the people you love the most, we can help you create kind, loving, secure attachments that support and nourish every member of your family.

Learn more about our family therapy and parent coaching services.

Our Healthy Relationship Services for Individuals

Emotional Intelligence Training

The foundation of healthy relationships is emotional intelligence: the ability to understand and manage your own feelings, understand the feelings of others, and communicate care and respect with both words and behaviors.

Learn about our emotional intelligence coaching services.

Dating Coaching to Find Love

Our relationship experts offer thoughtful, evidence-based therapy and dating coaching services to help you heal, learn and grow, so that you can find your love, and build a healthy relationship from the very beginning.

Learn more about our growth-oriented approach to dating coaching.

Breakup and Divorce Recovery

If you’ve been through a bad breakup, or divorce, or are recovering after toxic relationship, we can help you heal, grow, and move forward. If you’re in a relationship and aren’t sure it can be saved, we can help you get clarity through discernment counseling.

If you are dealing with (or ending) a difficult relationship, our warm and empowering relationship experts understand the challenges you’re facing and know how to help you reclaim your peace, rebuild your life, and heal your heart.

Learn about our breakup and divorce recovery services.

Positive Working Relationships

To reach your full career potential and develop authentic meaning and satisfaction in your work, you need strong, positive professional relationships.

Our experts help you develop the skillful communication and leadership abilities that foster professional growth — and support your personal relationships, too.

Learn more about emotional intelligence at work.

Healthy Boundaries & Healthy Communication

You deserve to feel loved and respected, and have courageous conversations that cultivate connection.

Working on healthy boundaries and healthy communication helps you create positive, enduring relationships that enrich your life and nurture your growth.

A Powerful Approach to Healthy Relationships

Authentic Relationship Experts

Our relationship experts are Marriage and Family Therapists, skilled systemic thinkers with years of specialized training and experience in science-backed, evidence-based approaches to helping people create healthy relationships.

Transformational Growth

Because our relationship experts are therapists and also coaches, they’ll help you dig deep to uncover your subconscious patterns in relationships, build on your strengths, develop new self-awareness, and actively create positive change.

We Make This Easy

Our practice specializes in helping busy, successful people create positive, satisfying relationships. We offer flexible scheduling for life coaching and therapy in Denver and online.

Get Started

The first step on your journey toward healthier, happier relationships is to schedule a free consultation with one of our relationship experts to discuss your hopes and goals and learn how we can help you grow.

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