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Kathleen C., M.Ed., NCC, LPC

Kind, Compassionate and Effective

“It has been very helpful to talk with someone that is not biased and has an educated and fresh perspective on my situation. I have liked that Kathleen has given me some homework and reading material to complement my sessions.”

- Happy Client

Hi, I’m Kathleen. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor, Therapist, Dating Coach, Premarital Counselor, and Life Coach who is passionate about helping others build strong self-esteem, realize their best selves, and live more intentional, meaningful lives

I provide a nonjudgmental, productive space where you will feel safe, comfortable, and understood. I use only the most effective, best-researched strategies to ensure that our work together will allow you to create lasting, positive change in yourself and in your relationships.

Individual Therapy and Life Coaching

I specialize in person-centered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as strategic, solution-focused coaching. This means I provide a warm and supportive working relationship, while also competently guiding you in processing and managing difficult feelings and overcoming self-limiting beliefs, as well as helping you discover new solutions to old problems. 

We’ll first address the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and old patterns that are holding you back. Then I’ll help you build a more fulfilling future by cultivating the new, empowering thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that will help you move forward and create the life you want.

“I am incredibly grateful, I thought [Kathleen's] help and the “coaching” style, as opposed to traditional talk therapy, helped me immensely. It made me feel normal, relatable, and like I had control again and could make better choices.”

- Happy Client

Relationship Therapy and Coaching

Helping individuals in attaining the loving relationships they yearn for and deserve is particularly meaningful to me. Whether serving you as a Therapist, Life Coach, or Dating Coach, the quality of your relationships is a priority. I draw from the evidence-based approaches of CBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Attachment Theory. 

We will work together to help you find more confidence and security and learn the nuts-and-bolts communication tools, assertiveness strategies, and boundary setting skills that will help you navigate relationship challenges effectively, resolve conflicts productively, and find more fulfilling connection and intimacy.

Body Positivity Coaching

I'm also passionate about helping clients feel better about themselves – and their bodies – through self-esteem and body-positivity coaching. With evidence-based approaches and the principles of intuitive eating and intuitive self-care, I help clients feel more empowered and at peace in their bodies and in their relationships with food.

About Me

I have a Master’s of Education in Counselor Education from the University of New Orleans and experience helping adolescents, young adults, adults, couples, and families with issues including depression, anxiety, codependency, addiction in the family, eating disorders, body image, boundaries, anger management, low self-esteem, trauma, life transition, family conflict, communication, assertiveness, shame and guilt, self-care, and creating healthy relationships. With my experience, I can help you on many different levels, and I look forward to the opportunity to do so.

Learn more about Kathleen’s background, and her experience as a therapist, life coach, dating coach, and marriage counselor.

Kathleen is available to meet with you in person on Mondays and Sundays at our DTC / Greenwood Village office, and on Wednesdays at our Denver / Cherry Creek location. If you’re outside of Denver or the US, she is also available to meet with you through online video.

"We started with a 30 min free of charge phone consult to talk through my reasons for seeking coaching and what I hope to accomplish. I appreciate that Kathleen took time to make sure her background and experience was well suited to begin a coaching engagement. We then met weekly for 45 minutes, which moved to bi-weekly as I began to make progress. I sought her help in uncovering the reasons my dating life was not successful; everything fizzled after a few months and I found myself continuously attracting the same person: unable to commit, narcissistic to some degree, and generally unable to show up with the same sense of moral principles I had.

What we uncovered through our work was how the bonds we build with our parents impact how we attach to our romantic partners. At first, I didn't want to own that my dad's abandonment of me was definitely playing out in my love life. Once we addressed the patterns and negative thinking that resulted from this - I finally understood that when I felt like I was getting to be "too much" or requiring things from my partner, I feared being abandoned and therefore moved my boundaries too far. This left me unfulfilled and lonely, and I ultimately ended most of the relationships.

As I made progress and began to change my thinking patterns using what we practiced - POOF! In comes ___, my now fiance 🙂 I am incredibly grateful I sought her help and the "coaching" style as opposed to traditional talk therapy helped me immensely. It made me feel normal, relatable, and like I had control again and made better choices.

After years of never thinking I would "get it right", I finally did by getting right with myself first. I speak up, I hold my partner accountable, and I truly believe I am worthy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your skills and sharing them with me - our work together truly transformed my life."

— Former client


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