Do you hate to meditate? Does the idea of sitting on a little pillow with your eyes shut, sweeping stray thoughts out of your head over and over again, make you feel antsy? Me too.

And yet, Mindfulness – the art of being present — is the key to a happy and healthy life. You don't have to meditate in order to practice mindfulness. In fact, you can be more connected with the present moment all of the time. On this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success I'm teaching you how!


denver life coach podcast mindfulness for people who hate to meditate

Main Points:

Being self aware, and able to differentiateWhat is Happening Now vs. What You're Thinking About is the foundation of health, happiness, good relationships, and your long-term success. Yet we humans can spend our whole lives trapped in our minds, and rarely make contact with the here and now.

In doing so, we miss the immense beauty the world has to offer, and the small moments that make life worth living. Worse, our minds can generate scary and distressing thoughts that, without mindfulness, we're powerless to overcome.

You are in the present moment when you are connected with physical reality: Your anchor to the here and now. No matter what you're doing, or where you are, you can be in the present when you simply see, hear, feel, smell and taste. When you are in your body, you are not “time traveling.” Try it today and see just how easy it can be to stay in the present.

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