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We’re here to support you on your journey of growth. The Personal Growth Collection features expert advice from our therapists and coaches to help you gain new self-awareness, figure yourself out, change your patterns, and find clarity (and happiness) in the process.

The Latest Posts in The Personal Growth Collection

Someone facing their fear of heights

Facing Your Fears

Facing your fears is the path to a life full of meaning and purpose. Tune in for advice on using fear to create a bigger, better life.
Making it to the top of a mountain, representing overcoming doubt and changing your mindset.

How to Change Your Mindset

Is your thinking holding you back? Learn how to change your mindset and break through your internal barriers to achieve your goals.
Circle of friends sitting together at the beach representing Build Confidence and Charisma.

Build Confidence and Charisma

Did the pandemic make your social skills a little rusty? In this podcast: Stand-up comedian, comedy writer and “conversation coach” Kristen Carney is here with a refresher on how to build confidence and charisma, and be interesting and fun to talk to. Join us!
Interaction representing how people see you

How Do People See You

Ever wonder what people really think of you? Learn how to communicate effectively and avoid miscommunications that can damage relationships.
Believing in yourself: Woman feeling confident and excited about an accomplishment.

The Power of Believing in Yourself

It’s hard to feel happy, confident, and competent if you don’t know how to believe in yourself. Listen for tips on building the self-belief you need to succeed.
A woman comforts another woman representing how to help someone get help

How to Help Someone Get Help

Learn the most effective strategies for how to help someone get help — while setting healthy boundaries for yourself.
Woman sitting in a room on the floor learning how to love yourself.

How to Love Yourself

Is it hard to give yourself the same love & compassion you give others? Learn how to love yourself.
Woman drinking coffee at outdoor cafe not caring what anyone thinks

How to Stop Caring what People Think

Want to know how to stop caring what people think? Learn how to stop seeking external validation, and start listening to your own wisdom.
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