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You deserve to be happy. The Emotional Wellness Collection features articles and podcasts with expert advice from our therapists and coaches to support your emotional wellbeing.

Browse this collection to find compassionate wisdom for growth and healing that helps you develop inner strength and resilience. Plus, you’ll get helpful strategies for overcoming stress, managing anxiety, and feeling good again.

A woman hikes in the woods representing how to figure out what you want in life

How to Figure Out What You Want in Life

In a world of endless possibilities, how can you find your path? Learn how to figure out what you want in life and discover your life’s purpose.
A woman sits at a table on a rainy evening looking down at her phone representing trauma bond withdrawal symptoms

Are You Experiencing Trauma Bond Withdrawal Symptoms?

Are you experiencing trauma bond withdrawal symptoms? Toxic relationship are addictive, and cutting the cord hurts. Learn how to let go and heal.
A woman looks at her face in the mirror representing the hidden signs of insecurity. How insecure are you?

How Insecure Are You? Hidden Signs of Insecurity

Insecurity can be hard to detect. Learn about the hidden signs of insecurity and how to become more secure in yourself.
A person hides from an overwhelming workload representing how to deal with ADHD Paralysis

ADHD Paralysis: What It Is & How to Deal

Do you ever feel too overwhelmed to take action? That can be a sign of ADHD paralysis. Learn what it is and how to deal with it.
smoke representing natural remedies for depression

Natural Remedies For Depression

Learn about natural remedies for depression and fast, cheap, and relatively easy things that you can start doing today to begin recovering.
Woman upset, rain coming down windows. Life after loss.

Life After Loss

We’ve all endured losses recently. On this podcast, two compassionate online grief counseling experts share advice for how to cope emotionally, how to heal your heart, and how to rebuild your life after loss.
Man with his head in his hands representing how to deal with regret

How to Deal with Regret

When you know how to deal with regret in a positive, productive way, you can make friends with regret and use it to build a better life.
A woman relaxing outside using her senses to be more present

How to Be More Present

Feeling anxious? Your senses are powerful tools for reducing stress and living a happier life. Learn how to be more present using your senses.
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