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Meet Natalie: a thoughtful, positive, and encouraging marriage counselor, premarital counselor, parenting coach, life coach and therapist with a lighthearted style and down-to-earth approach. Natalie creates an empathetic environment that invites authenticity, bringing out the best in you, your relationship, and your family.

“We are getting the tools that we need to better communicate and be more considerate of one another’s moods and needs. Natalie has offered straightforward information and concrete steps. Also, the zoom meetings are far more effective than I anticipated. The technology is easy to use and it creates t...

- Marriage Counseling Client

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Therapist Overview

Hello, I’m Natalie.

I have always had an interest in spreading comfort to those around me. I truly am privileged to have this be a part of the helping profession as a therapist and coach, and I strive to create a warm environment for my clients.

If we work together my hope is that you too will experience compassion, engaged listening, thoughtful suggestions, and enthusiasm for your growth and success. I truly believe that hearing my clients’ stories is an honor, and I treat it as such. I’d love to hear yours!

Experienced Relationship Counseling and Couples Therapy

One of my areas of expertise is helping couples grow together through marriage counseling, experienced relationship counseling, and couples therapy. My experience as a Maryland licensed clinical marriage and family therapist has shaped my ability to help partners connect on a deeper level and enhance the quality of their relationships.

As a Maryland-based online marriage counselor, life and relationship coach, and therapist, my goal is to help you find greater satisfaction in your relationships. I believe that as humans, we crave connection: connections with romantic partners, connections with family, even feeling a deeper connection to ourselves.

However, over my years of experience as a marriage counselor and therapist, I’ve observed that certain factors and patterns can sometimes prevent us from experiencing the full potential our relationships can achieve. I aim to help you reduce unhelpful relationship patterns and conflicts in your relationships.

I’m here to help you reach a new level of satisfaction by utilizing evidence-based therapy and coaching strategies that help you uncover and embrace your strengths.

Couples and families often establish unhealthy ways of communicating. My job is to help break these patterns and coach you in creating new ones that allow for more enriching relationships.

I can help you effectively resolve a variety of presenting problems, including:

In addition to helping couples reconnect and rebuild their relationships, I enjoy assisting premarital couples in gaining the skills they need to have a successful and satisfying marriage from the outset. Specifically, I offer pre-engagement and premarital counseling, and I am a Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator of premarital counseling.

I utilize a highly effective approach in relationship counseling and couples therapy with strategies taken from cognitive-behavioral couples therapy. This approach helps you explore and understand the role of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes in both of you to help you quickly gain new skills, perspective, and get better results. In addition, when appropriate, I may weave in emotionally focused couples therapy techniques to help you strengthen your secure bond and develop a stronger emotional connection with each other. When working with couples in a coaching capacity, I draw from techniques and modalities rooted in these same theories.

Working with Parents and Families

I also enjoy working with couples and parents as a parenting coach. Families are ever-evolving. This constant change can put stress on families resulting in decreased teamwork, poor communication, and disharmony.

I can help both of you create a healthy parent-child attachment while giving your children structure and guidance. I emphasize the importance of parental unity and aim to help families build upon their strengths.

I can serve you as a parenting coach to address issues such as:

Life Coaching

We all encounter times when we feel that we are not in control of our happiness; my objective as a life coach is to help you gain a sense of control over your destiny. I do this by helping you achieve clarity about what you want, set attainable goals, and teach you the skills and strategies (and accountability!) that will help you reach the life you want. As a life coach, I am here to offer different perspectives and possible solutions and applaud you on your successes. Through effective online life coaching, I can help you with issues like:

Individual Therapy

In addition to my work as a life and relationship coach, I am licensed to provide individual therapy for those in Maryland. I have experience working with individuals, couples, and families affected by various mental health diagnoses.

No one diagnosis presents the same. I see individuals past their diagnosis and work with them to cultivate a specific mental health treatment plan based on their needs and capabilities as individuals. In our work together, I can help you decrease symptoms and improve health and happiness.

Areas I can assist you with include:

  • Adjustment disorders
  • Addressing body image concerns
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Overcoming past traumas
  • Developing a healthy relationship with food

As a therapist, I use an array of therapeutic interventions and techniques stemming from, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused, and Emotionally-Focused approaches.

More About Me

I received my master’s in science at the University of Maryland College Park as a part of the couple and family therapy program. I have received specialized training as a Prepare / Enrich Facilitator and a certified clinical trauma practitioner.

In addition to serving clients as a therapist, marriage counselor, and coach, I also teach at Towson University, located in Towson, Maryland, as an Adjunct Professor in the family science department. I have a huge passion for education and love teaching about the importance of the family unit.

You can probably catch me spending time with my 3 dogs and husband in my free time. I also have a huge passion for baking, to the point where I am often pretending I am a part of the Great British Bake Off!

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