Blended Family Counseling

For a Strong, Loving Step-Family

Supportive Blended Family Counseling

Finding love again and building a new family together is beautiful… and challenging.
When two families merge, communication, boundaries, and parenting get complicated, fast. That’s where expert blended family counseling for couples comes in.

At Growing Self, we help you rise to the challenge and forge a new family system,
full of love and understanding for everyone.

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Support and Nurture Your Children

With the right support, you can transcend blended family problems to create a healthy family that is a crucible for growth, with healing relationships for parents and kids alike.

Blended family counseling incorporates parent coaching that helps you support and nurture your children, navigate tricky situations like blended family holidays, develop positive parenting skills, and create healthy boundaries that keep your relationship strong and secure.

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Build a Happy, Healthy Step-Family

In blended family counseling, you’ll build a warm, loving relationship with every member of your family.

Our marriage and family therapists use an evidence-based process that incorporates marriage counseling, and relationship coaching strategies to strengthen your attachments, increase empathy, and repair relationships.

We help you build a family that is positive, healthy, and where every family member thrives.

Why Blended Family Counseling Matters

Statistics regarding second marriages, particularly for couples with kids, are grim. The reason so many of these marriages fail is that “The Blended Family Experience” is just hard. In fact, many people are shocked by how difficult it actually is.

Virtually all blended families need experienced support. Unfortunately, most therapists do not have the qualifications, training or experience necessary to be helpful. Our blended family counselors are different: We are marriage and family therapists — true relationship experts — with specialized training and experience in helping families thrive. (Learn more about how to find an effective marriage and family therapist ).

We use evidence-based approaches to family therapy, including family systems theory, an attachment lens, and parent coaching to help you create positive, strong relationships.

Blended Family Counseling Helps You…

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Solve Blended Family Challenges

Thoughtful, attachment-focused blended family therapy helps you understand the deeper feelings driving hurtful behaviors — and replace anger and criticism with empathy, compassion, and emotional safety.

With trust and understanding, growth and healing are possible in your blended family.

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Become Positive Step-Parents

No matter how likable you are, you’re walking into a difficult dynamic as a step-parent. Navigating these relationships requires strength, emotional awareness, sensitivity, and healthy communication.

We know this is hard. But with the right support, you can create strong, loving relationships with every member of your blended family.

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Raise Happy Step-Siblings

When kids fight, it ripples out to your relationship, too — particularly if you disagree about whose fault it is or how you should handle specific situations.

Effective blended family therapy and parent coaching will help you plan for, and nurture, positive, respectful relationships between step-siblings that keep your home happy and harmonious.

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Build a Strong, Joyful Marriage

The health and strength of your marriage are the foundation of your new family.

With a collaborative, encouraging, satisfying relationship, you’ll each have the strength for the growth work blended families require. We can help you deepen your emotional bond, communicate with compassion, and keep your marriage strong for years to come.

Best Yet? We Make This Easy.


Our approach is positive, strengths-based, and focuses on finding solutions that move everyone forward. We’ll help you design a bright future together that honors your values, and builds bridges to the center.


Productive blended family counseling teaches you how to create harmony, appreciation, and gratitude in your blended family, so you can continue to grow as a couple and as a family.


Our evidence-based blended family counseling gives you an actionable roadmap to making real and lasting change — not just talk about it.


We provide blended family counseling in Denver, and have convenient office locations in Broomfield, and Greenwood Village, Colorado. We also offer online blended family counseling and parent coaching through secure, HIPAA-compliant video.

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