Feeling connected to other people is one of the most important factors in our happiness. We humans are social animals, and that’s true whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. We simply need each other.

And social media relationships don’t count, from a happiness perspective. While actual, real world “lets-hang-out” relationships are strongly associated with happiness and perceived wellbeing, the opposite is true for Facebook relationships. People who spend more time on Facebook tend to be less happy, more lonely, and generally sadder than people who spent less time on it. A phone call will do much more for your mood than a scroll through your news-feed.

But the truth is that connecting with others can feel challenging sometimes, especially in adulthood. As our lives change through moves, break-ups, transitioning into parenthood, or evolving interests, our social landscape can start to empty out. Even for people who made friends effortlessly their whole lives can struggle to find new people to connect with as adults. In fact, talk to people all the time who are attractive, smart and interesting — and who still feel really lonely and isolated sometimes.

So on this edition of the Love, Happiness, and Success Podcast we're going to tackle this problem and talk about how to make healthy, happy, new friendships.

Listen Now, and Learn How To Have More (Real) Friends

Music Credits: “The Walls Are Coming Down,” from Fanfarlo.

Key Points:

1) Understand how relationships evolve.

2) Be in the world

3) Adjust your attitude

4) Be available

5) Increase your odds of success

6) Adjust your expectations