Will you grow old together, or will you grow apart?

Here at Growing Self, we do a lot of marriage counseling, couples therapy, and premarital counseling. Many of our clients are proactive achiever types who do premarital counseling or relationship coaching in order to head potential problems off at the pass. We also work with youngish to middle-aged couples who have run into problems with their marriages. (Read Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble) They are usually fighting hard to save their relationships, and create a happy family for their kids.

I’m pleased to report that most of them are successful. (Read about evidence-based marriage counseling).

But sadly, some couples aren’t successful. The couples who don’t make it can be surprising. In fact, sometimes couples with the longest relationships and the most history together are actually most at risk for getting divorced. I’ve written all about the science and psychology of breakups at all different stages of life in my book, “Exaholic: Breaking Your Addiction to An Ex Love.” I was honored to be invited to speak with Dr. Randy Kamen at her Fulfillment and Joy in Midlife Summit about the potential pitfalls couples need to avoid if they want to grow old together.

Here’s are just a few of Dr. Kamen’s wonderful relationship questions:

  • What can couples do to ensure that their marriages stay strong and satisfying as they grow older?
  • Why do older couples often get divorced after the kids leave home?
  • What are the warning signs that your marriage is on the rocks?
  • How do you stay connected to your partner, as you are both growing, changing and evolving?
  • How can couples who have been together for a long time keep their relationships interesting and fresh?
  • What do couples who stay together do differently, compared to couples who get divorced?


Watch our interview, and learn what it takes to stay happily married for a lifetime.