The Premarital Collection

Build Your Bright Future, Together

Satisfying, secure marriages don‘t just happen: they’re grown. The Premarital Collection includes articles and podcasts from our expert premarital counselors to help set your marriage up for success.

Learn about how to resolve potential problems before they begin, how to get on the same page about money, parenting, priorities, and — most importantly — how to keep your relationship healthy and strong for a lifetime of love.

Common Money Issues in Marriage & How to Overcome Them

Why is it so hard to manage money as a couple? Learn about the most common money issues in marriage so you can avoid these pitfalls.

How to Strengthen Your Relationship

Avoiding unrealistic expectations and cultivating emotional safety are two ways you can strengthen your relationship. Here are the rest…

Bids for Affection: How to Connect With Your Partner

Want to feel closer to your sweetie? Learn how to connect with your partner & strengthen your bond by using “bids for affection.”

Setting Boundaries With Parents

Adult child/parent relationships are tricky when it comes to setting boundaries with parents. Here are tips for starting the conversation!

What Is Emotional Flooding?

Emotional flooding makes you say things you regret, or withdraw and avoid. Both can be disastrous for a relationship. Learn how to manage emotional flooding, on this episode of the podcast.

Ways Your Relationship Changes After You Get Engaged

Getting engaged to be married actually does change a relationship, often in many positive ways. Planning for the future also gives couples a beautiful opportunity to grow together and strengthen their relationship through positive premarital counseling. Learn more, on this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast.

Empathy in Relationships: The Key to Connection

Do you not feel heard or understood by your partner? Learn about empathy in relationships, and how to cultivate empathy in yours.

How to Avoid Miscommunication in Relationships

Are you mind-reading your partner? Here are some no-fail strategies for how to avoid miscommunication in a relationship.
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Podcast Episodes For Premarital Couples

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