The Premarital Collection

The Premarital Collection

Build Your Bright Future, Together

Satisfying, secure marriages don‘t just happen: they’re grown. The Premarital Collection includes articles and podcasts from our expert premarital counselors to help set your marriage up for success.

Learn about how to resolve potential problems before they begin, how to get on the same page about money, parenting, priorities, and — most importantly — how to keep your relationship healthy and strong for a lifetime of love.

A couple sorts through a large stack of bills together representing money issues in marriage

Common Money Issues in Marriage & How to Overcome Them

Why is it so hard to manage money as a couple? Learn about the most common money issues in marriage so you can avoid these pitfalls.
Tug of war representing power struggle in relationships.

Power Struggle in Relationships

Stuck in a relationship power struggle? Here’s some advice to cultivate healthy communication so you both feel respected and understood.
Couple walking away from each other at sunset.

Why Relationships Fail

Ever wonder why relationships fail? On this podcast, we’re exploring the anatomy of a failed relationship, so you can keep yours healthy and strong.
Photo of happy couple doing housework representing equality in relationships

Equality in Relationships

Creating equality in relationships can be easier said than done. Get advice on building a truly equal relationship with your partner.
Wife listening to husband representing getting through to your partner.

How to Get Through to Your Partner

Struggling to feel heard in your relationship? Avoiding these common communication mistakes will help you get through to your partner (or anyone).
Woman thinking on wedding day representing cold feet before wedding

Cold Feet Before the Wedding? Here’s How to Deal

Cold feet before your wedding? Totally normal! Learn how to listen to your feelings and use them as an opportunity to continue growing together.
man standing with arms crossed feeling invalidated by his partner

Feeling Invalidated By Your Partner?

Feeling invalidated by your partner? Learn to shift the emotional climate of your relationship to one of acceptance and emotional safety.
Couple sitting down next to each other empathetically holding hands practicing apology languages

The Apology Languages

Not all apologies are the same. Learn about apology languages & how to make amends the right way to create healing in your relationship.
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Podcast Episodes For Premarital Couples

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