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Expert online premarital counseling with a marriage and family therapist is one of the most valuable investments a couple can make in their marriage — as well as their shared future. At Growing Self, it’s also a fun, positive, and meaningful experience.

Even the strongest couples learn new things about themselves and each other when they work with an experienced couples counselor who knows what marriage takes. Premarital counseling matters and it sets their marriage up for success. Online premarital counseling with Growing Self is so much more than checking a box: It’s what smart couples do to build a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

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Learn What Happy Couples Know

All marriages require work. Take some relationship advice from a divorce lawyer: We reap what we sow.

Nobody teaches us how to have healthy relationships or what “working on a relationship” means. We fall in love and hope for the best.

But all marriages bring challenges, especially if you’re blending a family, or have cultural differences. Couples who care about each other, their marriages, and the wellbeing of their future family use premarital counseling to learn how to stay strong, for the long-haul.

Premarital counseling with an authentic relationship expert gives you a map, a flashlight, and a toolbox to take with you on this great adventure. You’ll learn how to work on your marriage productively, before you get married.

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Growing Together

Online premarital counseling at Growing Self starts with a detailed relationship assessment that reveals your relationship’s strengths, growth opportunities, and provides a structure for your individualized premarital program. Then, depending on your needs, you’ll learn:

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Online Premarital Counseling
at Growing Self is Different

We know what creates problems in marriages — and how to help you avoid them.

Most premarital counseling is conducted by clergy, or a basic therapist with (at best) one graduate level course in marriage and family therapy. Our premarital counselors are completely different: We are marriage and family therapists — true relationship experts with specialized education in evidence-based approaches
to couples counseling, parent coaching, and more, plus years of experience helping couples learn and
grow together.

This expertise allows us to provide online premarital counseling that helps you learn and grow, and make positive changes in your relationship that ensure a secure, successful marriage.


Everything we do is evidence-based. Our premarital counselors incorporate best practices in marriage counseling, family therapy, and relationship coaching to ensure your good results.


Online premarital counseling at Growing Self is an emotionally intimate experience that helps you both open up. We know how to help both of you feel safe, comfortable, and understood.


Online premarital counseling brings a relationship expert to you. No fighting traffic, no changing out of your PJs. Long-distance relationship? No problem. Connect virtually, no matter the miles between you.

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Gift Premarital Counseling

Couples getting married receive many expensive wedding gifts, but many don’t get the chance to invest in what matters most: laying the foundation for a happy, healthy marriage. In-depth, meaningful premarital counseling with a relationship expert is inexpensive, yet the single most valuable gift you can give.

If you’re thinking of gifting a couple with premarital counseling, they are so lucky to have your support.

Here’s how to gift premarital counseling.


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