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Building a family is a beautiful experience, but it comes with challenges too. The Happy Family Collection features expert advice from our marriage and family therapists and parenting coaches to help your family grow through all phases of life.

In this collection, you’ll find expert advice to help you navigate pregnancy and new parenthood, build positive parenting skills, foster positive blended family experiences, develop healthy boundaries, and strengthen your bonds with the people closest to your heart.

Two men talking. How to have difficult conversations.

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are tough, and easy to avoid (or botch). But authentic communication is vital for healthy relationships — especially when it’s about something hard to talk about. Get strategies for having productive, “critical conversations” on this episode of the podcast.
A couple rekindling the romance in their relationship, hugging at sunset.

How to Rekindle Romance In Your Marriage

Are you feeling lonely in your marriage? Here are 10 tips to help you reconnect, restore your bond, and rekindle the romance.
Happy family representing being ready for a baby.

Am I Ready for a Baby?

How can you know if you’re ready to have a baby? Learn how to prepare yourself for the journey of parenthood with advice from family therapists.
Man and woman separated by a wall but listening for each other's bids for affection

Bids for Affection: How to Connect With Your Partner

Want to feel closer to your sweetie? Learn how to connect with your partner & strengthen your bond by using “bids for affection.”
Man and Woman acrobats. Man on the ground holding woman up in the air representing How to Stop Being Codependent

How to Stop Being Codependent

Learn how to stop being codependent and break free from a codependent relationship. Grow, flourish, and cultivate healthy interdependence!
A big extended family smiles for the camera representing setting boundaries with parents

Setting Boundaries With Parents

Adult child/parent relationships are tricky when it comes to setting boundaries with parents. Here are tips for starting the conversation!
Photo of happy blended family camping, representing dos and don’ts of step-parenting

Dos and Don’ts of Step Parenting

Get real-world advice on building a happy blended family by learning the dos and don’ts of step-parenting.
Photo of happy couple doing housework representing equality in relationships

Equality in Relationships

Creating equality in relationships can be easier said than done. Get advice on building a truly equal relationship with your partner.
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