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Building a family is a beautiful experience, but it comes with challenges too. The Happy Family Collection features expert advice from our marriage and family therapists and parenting coaches to help your family grow through all phases of life.

In this collection, you’ll find expert advice to help you navigate pregnancy and new parenthood, build positive parenting skills, foster positive blended family experiences, develop healthy boundaries, and strengthen your bonds with the people closest to your heart.

Photo of a young family preparing breakfast together in their kitchen

Navigating Pregnancy as a Team

Pregnant couples can build a strong parenting team. Learn the relationship skills that can help you create a healthy, happy family.
Mom and Teen on a walk representing Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens

Do you ever look at your teen and wonder, “Who is this person??” Your child is on the path to adulthood, and they are bound to do some confounding things along the way. If you’re parenting a teen, this episode of the podcast is for you. We’re talking about keeping your bond with your child strong, while being the parent your teen needs.
Photo of happy blended family camping, representing dos and don’ts of step-parenting

Dos and Don’ts of Step Parenting

Get real-world advice on building a happy blended family by learning the dos and don’ts of step-parenting.
Attached young couple touching hands in car.

Attachment Styles in Relationships

Attachment styles in relationships are a powerful force. Learn more about your own attachment style, and how it shapes the way you love.
Happy couple laughing while cooking a meal together.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

What are the signs of a healthy relationship? This podcast will give you perspective, and help you strengthen your relationship.
Happy family representing being ready for a baby.

Am I Ready for a Baby?

How can you know if you’re ready to have a baby? Learn how to prepare yourself for the journey of parenthood with advice from family therapists.
Empathetic children playing together.

Teaching Empathy to Kids

Did you know empathy is an essential skill for our children to have? Here are some valuable parenting tips on teaching empathy to kids.
Woman embracing friend representing Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships

Seeking out new, healthy experiences with safe people gives you the power to help yourself heal. Learn about healing relationships and how to create positive experiences with others for a happier, healthier you.
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