Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

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Sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy are deeply intertwined. The Emotional & Sexual Intimacy Collection has curated advice from our expert couples therapists, marriage counselors, and relationship coaches to help your relationship grow closer on every level.

Latest Posts in The Emotional & Sexual Intimacy Collection

A woman turns her body away and protectively wraps her arm across her chest representing the bristle reaction.

How to Navigate the Bristle Reaction

The bristle reaction can feel like a profound rejection. Learn how to decline an invitation to intimacy while keeping your connection strong.
A man stands in focus in a crowd while everyone around him is blurred representing how to heal avoidant attachment

How to Heal an Avoidant Attachment Style

Having an avoidant attachment style makes intimate relationships challenging. Learn how to heal avoidant attachment and build closer connections.
A couple snuggles on the couch, representing how to overcome fear of intimacy

How to Overcome Fear of Intimacy

Trouble getting close? If you or your partner has ‘intimacy issues,’ learn how to build safety, trust, and a closer connection.
A couple shares a tender moment in the kitchen representing how to be more emotionally available in relationships

How to Be Emotionally Available in Relationships

Do you want to connect more deeply with others? Learn how to be more emotionally available in relationships and build fulfilling connections.
A couple laughs in the kitchen representing positivity in relationships

How to Cultivate Positivity in Your Relationship

Has your relationship been feeling difficult lately? Cultivating positivity in your relationship can help you start a new chapter together. Learn how.
A couple cuddles in bed representing low sex drive ruining your relationship

Low Sex Drive Ruining Your Relationship? What to Do!

Low sex drive can take a toll on the emotional connection you have with your partner. Learn how to navigate dry spells and keep your relationship healthy and strong.
A woman screams at a man who is ignoring her, representing how to connect with an emotionally unavailable partner

How to Connect with an Emotionally Unavailable Partner

Is your partner emotionally unavailable? Or is there something else going on? Figure out what’s happening and the path forward.
A woman lies in bed next to her partner representing why people fall out of love

Why People Fall Out of Love

Feeling like you’ve fallen out of love in a long term relationship is normal. Learn how to reignite the spark and fall back in love with your partner.
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