Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

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Sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy are deeply intertwined. The Emotional & Sexual Intimacy Collection has curated advice from our expert couples therapists, marriage counselors, and relationship coaches to help your relationship grow closer on every level.

Latest Posts in The Emotional & Sexual Intimacy Collection

A woman screams at a man who is ignoring her, representing how to connect with an emotionally unavailable partner

How to Connect with an Emotionally Unavailable Partner

Is your partner emotionally unavailable? Or is there something else going on? Figure out what’s happening and the path forward.
A woman lies in bed next to her partner representing why people fall out of love

Why People Fall Out of Love

Feeling like you’ve fallen out of love in a long term relationship is normal. Learn how to reignite the spark and fall back in love with your partner.
Tug of war representing power struggle in relationships.

Power Struggle in Relationships

Stuck in a relationship power struggle? Here’s some advice to cultivate healthy communication so you both feel respected and understood.
Couple walking away from each other at sunset.

Why Relationships Fail

Ever wonder why relationships fail? On this podcast, we’re exploring the anatomy of a failed relationship, so you can keep yours healthy and strong.
Man sleeping next to dissatisfied woman in bed. When your partner rejects you sexually

When Your Partner Rejects You Sexually

When you feel sexually rejected by your partner, it can hurt. Learn to navigate differences in desire while strengthening your relationship simultaneously.
Couple sitting on the bed together but separated, Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

Feeling lonely in a relationship? Spending more time together isn’t the solution. Learn how to really develop a closer, more satisfying connection.
Is Jealousy Healthy In a Relationship? Jealous girlfriend scowling at boyfriend talking to another woman.

Is Jealousy Healthy in a Relationship?

Is jealousy healthy in a relationship? Learn what causes romantic jealousy, how to handle it, and why it might be a good thing for your relationship.
A couple sits on the couch looking unhappy representing what does it mean to be emotionally unavailable

What Does It Mean to Be Emotionally Unavailable? 

Is being emotionally unavailable a real thing? Or just a label? This what it means to be emotionally unavailable and how to create deeper love and connection.
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