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Happy couples know that working on communication skills is one of the most important things you can do to strengthen your relationship.

In the Communication That Connects Collection, you’ll find expert advice from our couples counselors and relationship coaches for communication repair, constructive conflict, empowered communication skills, healthy boundaries, increasing emotional intimacy, communicating with a withdrawn partner, and more.

Three Practical Tips for Productive Communication When You’re Stressed

A couple’s ability to find time to connect is affected when stress levels are high. Here are 3 practical tips for productive communication.

How to Get Through to Your Partner

Struggling to feel heard in your relationship? Avoiding these common communication mistakes will help you get through to your partner (or anyone).

Is Conflict Avoidance Hurting Your Relationship?

Conflict can be scary! Learn how to stop avoiding conflict in relationships and start having courageous conversations that bring you closer together.

How to Deal with a Defensive Partner

Defensive reactions make communication impossible. Learn how to deal with a defensive partner and have productive conversations.

Reacting vs. Responding: Communication 101

You know you’re supposed to respond, not react. But it’s easier said than done! Learn how to slow down and respond with intention.
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