Communication That Connects

Communication That Connects

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Happy couples know that working on communication skills is one of the most important things you can do to strengthen your relationship.

In the Communication That Connects Collection, you’ll find expert advice from our couples counselors and relationship coaches for communication repair, constructive conflict, empowered communication skills, healthy boundaries, increasing emotional intimacy, communicating with a withdrawn partner, and more.

A man chases a woman through a field representing the pursuer-withdrawer cycle in relationships.

What Is the Pursuer-Withdrawer Cycle in Relationships? 

The pursuer-withdrawer cycle is a relationship pattern that creates misunderstanding and disconnection. Learn what it is & how to break free.
Two women sit at a restaurant talking depicting what it means to hold space for someone.

What Does it Mean to “Hold Space” for Someone?

Holding space for someone is the art of empathy and compassion. Learn how self-containment and healthy boundaries allow relationships to flourish.
Two women stand against a wall with their arms crossed facing away from each other representing someone stepping over your boundaries.

What to Do When Someone Steps Over Your Boundaries

Why do some people step over boundaries, and more importantly, what should you do about it? Learn how to stand by your limits for healthier relationships.
A man stands in focus in a crowd while everyone around him is blurred representing how to heal avoidant attachment

How to Heal an Avoidant Attachment Style

Having an avoidant attachment style makes intimate relationships challenging. Learn how to heal avoidant attachment and build closer connections.
A couple snuggles on the couch, representing how to overcome fear of intimacy

How to Overcome Fear of Intimacy

Trouble getting close? If you or your partner has ‘intimacy issues,’ learn how to build safety, trust, and a closer connection.
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