How to Get Organized

How to Get Organized (And Stay That Way!)

Any therapist, Denver life coach, or career coach worth their salt will tell you that part of making great things happen in your life depends on your ability to be organized, at least to a degree. You may be blazingly talented and creative, but if you can’t manage yourself, your possessions, your tasks, and your time well enough, you are going to flounder.

Likewise, if you are stressed, preoccupied, or feeling overwhelmed with all of the details you have to manage, you are not going to feel very happy OR be present in your relationships. Whether you need to know how to get organized at home and start living intentionally or get organized at work, these skills are critical!

Are Your Pencils Sharpened? Are Your Ducks in a Row? Here’s How to Get Organized

Learning how to get organized and stay that way is a foundational life skill. Your ability to keep yourself together is the platform from which you build great things — occupationally, creatively, and relationally. (Don’t even ask me how many marriage counseling sessions I’ve sat in where the focus of the entire conversation was around one person’s inability to get places on time).

Furthermore, when you’re disorganized, it makes you feel anxious and out of control. Small tasks that should be easy start to feel hard because you can’t find basic tools to accomplish them. (Like a stamp …or your shoes.) When little things become big things, or procrastination carries you away, all of a sudden you can feel extremely overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you can get life back on track and make lasting changes.  

Organizational help is here. On this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, I’m speaking with an expert, professional organizer Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365. (Check out her website at She has lots of practical tools and tips to help you get your life back together again, plus a great plan for helping you stay in a good place long term.

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How to Get Organized

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